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5 Reasons to Learn to Bodyboard with ASI
How Surfboard Tail Shapes Affect Performance
10 Ways to Care for Our Coastal Environment
Why Zinc is One of the Best Natural Sunscreens
Cash For Containers. Sign the Campaign
Visit Paradise at a SUP Yoga Retreat in the Cook Islands
ASI SUP Instructors paddle from Ireland to the UK
5 Tips to Wearing SUP Leashes
Cornwall Council - England UK, issues tender
The Regulation of SUP and Adventure Sports
SUP Fitness. The new way to Get Fit.
ASI Appoints Rebecca Dunning, ASI SUP Fitness Trainer
Surfers Myelopathy
Your Leash is your Lifeline. Leash Up For SUP
SUP SAFETY is ASI's number one priority.
Stand Up Paddle - Forward Paddling Stroke
Philippines Surfing Standards
Tuna Fish Farm Threatens Surfing Tourism, South Australia
Urgent Assistance Needed in FIJI!!
ASI Surf School, Troggs, Wins Outdoor NI Award 2016
Surfers Say Ballina's Shark Barrier is Safety Risk
Irish SUP Surf contents winner - Bali prize
Why Are So Many People Dying When Stand Up Paddle Boarding?
ASI Appoints Melinda Behumi as SUP Trainer in Doha Qatar
Philippines Tourism Promotes 'Surfing' As Major Tourism Product
Instructing SUP in Exposed Waters
Stand Up Paddle - The Pivot Turn
ASI Appoints Claudia Scalisi, ASI SUP Yoga Trainer, West Australia
The Celtic Crossing - Adventure, Danger, Determination and Triumph
ASI Appoints Nadine Bubner, ASI SUP Trainer, Hong Kong
ASI Appoints Leanne Bird -SUP Yoga Instructor Trainer, Wales UK
ASI Surfing trainer Martin Connolly has a new instructional video out
ASI Appoints Aaron Pollard, ASI SUP Trainer
One Wave is All it Takes. Support Mental Health. 24th March 2017
EUROPE, IRELAND, Irish SUP Surf Classic event
ASI Instructor Launches Autism Surf School, Scotland
ASI Schools Work with the Wave Project Helping Young People. UK
IrishSUP Surf Classic 2017 Wrap Up
Beginner Stand Up Paddleboarding Tips - By ASI Trainer Gina Bradley
Dublin Bay SUP Classic - Battle for the Bay 2017
Meet our new ASI Instructor Phil Dunn based in West Yorkshire, UK
ASI Releases SUP Paddling Technique Video
ASI SUP Training Centre in Cornwall, UK hosts 24-hour paddle
Stay in Surfing Shape - 9 Practice tips for "Out of Ocean" practice
Double NWF Awards win for ASI Trainer Chris Kenyon
The Celtic Cup event at Ocean Sports Centre, Cornwall UK
ASI Trainer Profile - Melissa McManus
Why Use Rail Tape on SUP boards?
The Battle for SUP - Definition Defined
Alex Botelho, Big Wave Surfer, ASI Instructor
A Convert to Stand Up Paddle
ASI Appoints Callum Morse - ASI Bodyboarding Instructor Trainer
10 Reasons to Train as a SUP instructor
Watch out for Surf rage
Learn the Skill of Downwinding
Cross The Euro Canal 7th Corinth Canal SUP 2017
Surfing: How to Perform a Roundhouse Cutback
Pushing the boundaries of SUP - Sanni ASI Instructor
SUP Holiday in the Philippines
Surfing Surfari, in National Parks, Australia
Surf Camp, Algarve Portugal
UK Charity Surfers Against Sewage
ASI SUP Instructor Launches New Wave Adventure Therapy Enterprise in Ireland
ASI Surf Instructor Liesi Ziegelwanger, from Austria
7th Annual Corinth Canal SUP Crossing
Bring back bottle deposits to stop plastic pollution in our oceans
SUP Yoga sessions at the Wanderlust Festival, Sunshine Coast, Australia 9-12 November 2017
Whales & Dolphins Stand Up Paddle & Surfing Safety Tips
Irish SUP Surfing Classic event looking for sponsors big and small
Global Wave Conference, Santa Cruz, USA 4-7th March 2018
A Competitors Eye View Of The 7th Annual Cross The Euro Canal 2017
Save the Waves Film Festival Tours the West Coast, Santa Cruz, USA
ASI Instructor Completes SUP Fundraising Challenge Dressed as a Penguin
From Italy to Algarve, the life of an ASI Surf Coach
The Unstoppable ASI Master Trainer, Paul Byrne
ASI Coach Mike Raven from UK to Portugal
Surfing for the Ages
Wollongong Council, Australia Issues New Surf School Permits
SUP Holiday in Pembrokeshire Wales UK
Bells Beach Surf Film Festival, Torquay, Victoria, Australia JAN 2018
SUP Surfing Etiquette
Spotlight On Mary Robinson, ASI SUP Instructor, California
Does the Moon and Tides Affect Volcanic or Earthquake Activity?
Fusing Surfing With Dance To Create Surfdancing
Paddle League a Boost for SUP
Irish SUP Surf Classic 2018
ASI SUP Instructor - Tony Begg - Port Macquarie Australia
Dario Milessi, Life as a SUP Instructor In Patagonia
Meet ASI SUP instructor - Franca Oud van Neijenhof - Netherlands
How Surfing Mental Therapy is providing Amazing Results
IrishSUP Surf Classic April 2018
Paddleboarders stand up to raise awareness about suicide around New Norfolk, Tasmania Australia
Register for the SUP Fitness Retreat in Tonga - June 2018
SUP Fitness Fun On The Water
SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness with ASI Trainer Leanne Bird, UK
Caina Souza da Silva - a Career as a Surf Instructor
Waterproof protection for your valuables while out Paddling
The Scotts Head Paddle Games. 15-17 June 2018, NSW Australia
The Annual Pines Surfing Competition Crowns Junior Surfers
Life on the Beach - Ian Gabbitas UK L3 Surfing Coach
Surfing Manoeuvre: The Floater
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor, Pete Smith, England UK
Welcome to New ASI SUP Yoga Instructor Trainer, Chantal Crinquand
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor, Mark Bailey, Bowen North Queensland Australia
Congratulations to ASI Instructor Phil Dunn, 5km SUP Challenge Rutland UK June 2018
Congratulations to ASI Instructor, Martin Rendle. Norfolk Boards Ultra SUP Race UK June 2018.
Introducing Dave Pegg, My Path to ASI Surfing Coaching. UK
A Versatile Deck Bag for your SUP Adventures
SUP Polo - a Team Sport, Great Workout and Oodles of Fun!
BIC Boards - Surf and SUP
Spotlight on Sarah Thornely - ASI SUP Instructor, London UK
ASI SUP Away Holiday to Ljubljana, Slovenia
Hawaii Bans Sunscreen. Is Sunscreen Also Toxic To Humans ?
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Lucy Pearce
ASI SUP Away Holiday to Sligo, Ireland
The Scotts Head Paddle Games June 2018, NSW Australia
ASI SUP Instructor Makes History at the Avon Descent, Perth West Australia
Profile of Dominika Hornikova, Slovak ASI Surf Instructor
Message from Secretary of Tourism Philippines to ASIP
Introducing ASI Instructor Wil Compton, Florida USA
Introducing ASI Surf Instructor, Paolo Soler
SUP Away Holiday Croatia - SUP and Sail Adventures Around Croatia
SUP - Paddle Correctly and Safely with ASI Methodology
Surfing Technique: How to Perform a Bottom Turn
Shocking Red Tide of Algae hits ASI Schools on Florida's Gulf Coast. USA
SUP Instructor Ingrid Kroon from IKSUP, The Netherlands
ASI SUP Instructor Sarah Smith recounts her UK SUP Endurance Experience
Enrol for Girls Surf Day, Wollongong Australia December 2018
THE MERIMBULA CLASSIC, Merimbula Australia, November 2018
ASI SUP School, wins Best Rural Tourism Business in the UK
SUP Away Holiday in Costa Rica
A New Life Around SUP
Profile on ASI Master Surfing Coach Jeremy 'Jez' Browning
Surf Away Holiday to Gwithian Cornwall England UK
Stand Up for Prostrate Cancer, Fundraiser Adelaide Australia 2 Dec 2018
Paddle to Raise Funds for Brain Tumour Research, England UK Nov 2018
Enrol for the Santa Paddle Fundraising, Sussex Inlet NSW Australia on Dec 2018
Join the Santa Paddle Fundraising for Queenscourt Hospice, England UK. Dec 2018
Irish Adventure Film Festival and Tour. March 2019
Tide's out, school's in: the many benefits of beach teaching
Yonder - Surf Holiday Just For Girls In North East England UK
The Dropping in Rule - Keeping Surfers Safe
Silicon Valley Billionaire's Effort to Keep Surfers Off Beach Is a Total Wipeout
Bali Bans Single Use Plastic Bags
Stand Up Paddling in Winter is a Great Experience
Surf Away holiday to Bali, Indonesia with Santai Surf School
Congratulations ASI Trainer, Mary Robinson 1st Adler Race, California USA
Spotlight on Leanne Bird - ASI SUP Fitness & Yoga Teacher
The Taiwan Paddle Games - SUP Competition and Festival - May 2019
Save the Bight - The Fight Against Oil Threats in the Ocean in Australia
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor Tulsa Mann
Battle for the Bay, Dublin Ireland, 25 & 26 May 2019
Congrats to ASI SUP Instructor Martin Rendle - UK Paddle Endurance Series
ASI TeamTakes the win at the Taiwan Paddle Games (TPG)
The London SUP Open kicked off, London UK, 17-19 May 2019
The Celtic Crossing, Cornwall UK, 1-2 June 2019
ASI SUP Instructor Emma Hepplewhite completes her first endurance race and raises more than £4,000, Scotland UK
ASI Instructor and trainer Gina Bradley has put pen to paper and released a book
The Difference between a Cutback and a Roundhouse cutback
The Euro Tour held the San Sebastian Paddle tour in Spain's Basque country
The Outdoorfestivalen in Denmark, 7 -9 June 2019
The Big Paddle SUP Festival, Yorkshire UK
SUP - The Pivot Turn
SUP Jason Coiniry Award, Ocean to City Race. Cork Ireland
Keep our River Clean, Perth Australia
Beach Yoga Fest, Bournemouth England UK, 21-23 June 2019
SUP Away Holiday To East Hamptons, NY USA
Merimbula Classic, Merimbula NSW Australia 21-24 November 2019
Philippines Deep Water Paddle Games. Siargao Philippines 25-26 June 2019
The Dragon World Championships 2019. Lake Annecy FRANCE
Battle of the Bay. Dorset UK, 22 June 2019
How to Back Door a Front Side Barrel
Wave Selection
Heavy Water Film Viewing. Sydney Australia
SUP Paddling on Knees for Safety
Bailing and Wiping Out
Congratulations to ASI SUP Trainer Rebecca Dunning. Australia
Run and Swim event on Crantock beach, Cornwall UK
Stand Up Paddle Bully Gets Five Years in Jail for Assault. USA
St. Ives Bay Celtic Cup 2019. Cornwall England UK. 6-7 July
It's Much More When You Become an ASI Instructor
Congratulations to ASI trainer for coming 2nd -GBSUP National Series. June 2019
Surfing - The Jump Up
Bodyboarding Safety
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Stevie Boyle
How To Duck Dive A Bodyboard
A SUP Away Holiday of a Lifetime in Doha
Philippine Deep Paddle Games. 25-26 June 2019
Shoal Inflatable Floating Raft Tent
Choose a Landmark
Nature Outdoors is Good for our Health
How to Perform a Cutback on a Bodyboard
Sand Dunes and the Importance of Protecting Them
An ASI SUP Away holiday to the Loosdrecht, The Netherlands
Your First Wave
St. Ives Celtic Cup
SUP Away Holiday - Tamworth England UK
SUP TIP - Momentum is your friend!
Balance Training
Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
Introducing ASI SUP & SUP Yoga Instructor Jennifer Greenlees
HAWAII. ASI Instructor Terrene Black will be defending her 2018 Crown this weekend at The Molokai 2 Open Paddleboard World Championships
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Calvin Wei
Central SUP paddle to raise money for the RNLI
Stand Up Paddle Boarding Shellharbour Win Gold
Try a city SUP Break in London
Education Secretary calls for children to spend summer outdoors
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Wanda Bodnar
Congratulations Terrene Black winning the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships Race
SURFING TIPS - Choosing and applying the right wax.
The 29th Annual Evans Head Malibu Classic competition is on...
PRODUCT REVIEW - Saturn extra heavy-duty Pro Angler inflatable fishing paddle board
Improve your surfing with StickMobility
Congratulations ASI SUP Instructor Paul Hepworth for completing the 2019 Avon Descent for a second time!
What a great day out at the Big Paddle SUP Festival
SURFING TECHNIQUE - Performing a Bottom Turn
ASI Instructor Profile - Tony Lee
You are what you eat.
Introducing ASI SUP & Surf Instructor Glen Hardy
Parts of the Wave
A SUP Away Holiday to Dublin, Ireland's Capital City
Surfing Technique - Stance
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Adonis-Marios Flatsaras
SUP away holiday in Haarlem, The Netherlands
Sponsored or Not!
GPS bracelet designed by Philippe Starck aims to save lives at sea
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor Jez Browning
Surfing With Environmentally Friendly Fins
Do you know what different beach flag colours mean?!
Its back! - the Irishsup Surf Classic 2019
Surfing Technique-How to perform a Floater
Academy of Surfing Instructors partners up with the 2019 BUCS Surf Championships
What are the 5 best waves of Portugal
Introducing Michi Sotto - ASI SUP Instructor
Why use a Multisport/GPS for SUP?
One of the leading UK supermarkets has pledged to reduce their plastic use by 50%
Cornwall leading the way in recycling surf gear
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Russell Ives
Introducing ASI Instructor Jana KaÅ¡ovš
IRISHSUP SURF CLASSIC 2019 September 28th & 29th
12 Safety Tips for Safe Stand Up Paddle Boarding
High Noon Zinc - Keeping us Sun Safe
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor, Simon Duff
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor, Esther Bland
Introducing Alan Fergusson, ASI SUP Instructor
British University & Colleges Sport: National Surfing Championships
Introducing ASI Instructor, Jennifer Kilp
How Reading Cloud Types Can Keep You Safe
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor, Hannah Massie
Introducing ASI SUP Yoga instructor, Amanda Rivers.
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor, Sally McGee
Introducing ASI Surf Instructor, Dave Davidson
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Si'Min Cheng.
Australian Bushfires - We're Open For Business
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor, Maree Martin.
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor, Wayan Budiarsa
Introducing Phil Sadler, ASI Trainer and Instructor.
Introducing ASI Surf Instructor Nyoman Sunyata.
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor, Wei-Ming Yin (Alvin).
Being A Surfer Probably Saved His Life After Being Struck With COVID19.
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor - Tina Vella
Tube Riding
Techniques for SUP Wipe Out
Become an ASI Level 2 Surfing instructor - E-learning now available.
Its rescheduled - the Bucca Kri Race on 26 Sept 2020, Carbis Bay UK
Introducing ASI Surf Instructor, Sally Mackinnon
Introducing ASI Surf Instructor - Tristan Bradshaw
ASI E-learning SUP Instructor Courses , Learn in Your Own Time
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor - Mandy Brooks
SUP - Wind is Your Enemy
Introducing Rebecca Dunning, ASI Trainer and Instructor.
Introducing Merrick Davis, ASI Surfing Instructor
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor and Trainer - Tony Lee
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor - Andrew Decha Lim
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor - Lucas Martinez
Becoming a Qualified SUP Instructor in a COVID World
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor - Nur Suhardi Mohamed
Congratulations Lucy Darragh - NSW U12's Surfing Champion
The Battle for SUP - Canoe vs Surfing - and the Winner is???
Stay Up, On Your SUP, Stay Safe
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Brian Cadwallader
Introducing Robin Ross, ASI Surf Instructor and Trainer
Introducing ASI SUP Yoga Instructor - Catherine Carr
Research Report: A Biomechanical Analysis of The Stand-Up Paddle Board Stroke: A Comparative Study
Introducing SUP and SUP Yoga Instructor - Lisa Somers
5 Watersports To Try At Culburra Beach, NSW Australia
Meet Virginia Dan! An ASI SUP instructor based on the south coast of NSW
This is What We Love About SUP!
SUP Rescues - Be Prepared
Meet ASI SUP Instructor, Alison Alberghini
Introducing Emil Aslaksrud, an ASI L1 surf instructor based in Norway!
Introducing Kerry Baker, ASI SUP Instructor and school owner based in Wales!
How to Correctly Stop a SUP Board
Meet Cameron Douglas, ASI SUP Instructor, Tasmania, Australia
Introducing Allannah Brown, ASI Surf Instructor from Newquay, Cornwall!
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor, John Aldcroft!
Introducing Alana Bonnick, ASI SUP Instructor based in Devon.
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor, Maria Balbo.
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor, Kristina Andra!
How to Duck Dive in Surfing
ASI SUP Instructor Dave Knight sets himself a paddle challenge to raise awareness for mental health
Introducing ASI Surf and SUP Instructor Libby Chivers
Send us your seal encounter stories! Receive a seal water bottle!
Use the Surf Claw to Carry Your Board
Introducing ASI Surf Instructor, Ingemar Cressey!
Why SUP is so Good for Your Mental Health
Tips for Seal Encounters and The Cornish Seal Sanctuary
SUP Seal Encounter: Ireland's Eye
Donegal Council Ireland is Seeking Letters of Support.
Introducing ASI Surf and SUP Instructor Sam Christopherson
Introducing 'Hotdog' The Seal Pup!
Introducing Newly Qualified SUP Instructor, Richard Cooke!
Seal Surfing Encounter, Gwithian, Cornwall UK
Seal and SUP Encounter Dublin Ireland
ASI SUP School Adopts Local River
Paddleboard Adventures With A Marine Biologist - An Interview With ASI SUP Instructor, Alana Bonnick
Pros and Cons on SUP Hard Board vs Inflatable Boards
SUP Seal Encounter: Phil in Lincolnshire
SUP Seal Encounter: Lincolnshire England UK
Introducing ASI Surfing instructor, Francis Mollet, Bali
SUP Seal Encounter: Robin in Watergate Bay, UK
SUP Seal Encounter: Dave in Stonehaven
SUP Seal Encounter: Heather in Scotland
SUP Seal Encounter: Jake in Pembrokeshire, UK
SUP Seal Encounter: Beau & Clare on The Isles of Scilly
SUP Seal Encounter: Joel in Cornwall, UK
Instructor Story: Austin Ware
SUP Seal Encounter: Fraser in St. Ives
ASI Releases the Level 1 SUP Technical Coach Course
SUP Yoga Tips From an ASI SUP Yoga Teacher
Australia Sea Lions in Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island
Hotdog The Seal's Latest PUPdate
How to Become a Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) Instructor
Ocean Film Festival UK Virtual Showings and Tour
GOT BAG - Made From Ocean Plastic
ASI Trainer Stevie Boyle -Ocean Ambassador for Starboard
SUP Adventure Holidays with Environmental Awareness
SUP Racing For Kids in Singapore
Introducing Natasha, SUP Instructor from Adelaide
Surfing With ASI School, Exmouth Surf Centre in Western Australia
Violent Surfing Behaviour and Regulation
Hotdog The Seal Pup to Be Released!
Introducing Finn, ASI SUP Instructor East Anglia UK
Introducing: Sinead, ASI SUP Instructor Ireland
Mental Health, Waves of Wellness (WOW) has teamed up with UK
Coping With COVID in Cyprus With ASI SUP Instructor, Amanda Brooks 
Mental Health  & Dave Knights ASI contribution
Seal Encounter Whilst Surfing in Scotland
Hotdog The Seal Pup Released Back Into The Sea
Introducing Michael, ASI Surfing Instructor, Portugal
Introducing SUP Instructor: Dave Jacobs
8 Mental Health & Wellbeing Tips for Staying Sane in Lockdown
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor: Giovani Dunzer
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor: Chris Kevern
Water Creativity and Connection by Gina Bradley
5 Top River Flow Safety Tips For SUP
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor: Ricardo Machado
What to Wear Stand up Paddleboarding
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor: Muirtí Ó Cearnaigh, Ireland
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor: Sofie Knapen, Belgium
Case Study: Starting a Stand Up Paddleboard School in The UK
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor: Simon Palmer, Yorkshire UK
How to Start a Stand up Paddleboard (SUP) School
Case Study: Starting a Stand Up Paddleboard School in Australia
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor: Milan Morky in Czech Republic
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor: Rebecca Murphy in Ireland
Introducing ASI Master Surfing Coach: Mike Raven, Portugal
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Jarlath in Ireland
Making Waves in Mental Health - Shining a Light on Surf Therapy
Introducing Jan Markiewicz,  ASI Surfing Instructor, from Poland
Congratulations 22 Years of Surf Coaching For Style Surfing School, Byron Bay
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Ionut Dumitrescu
Surf Scene in Thailand with One More Wave
2021 Pines Surfing Academy Interschool Surf Comp
Clarkes Beach Paddle Out to Stop Oil and Gas Mining 11am Saturday, May 8th, 2021
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Swee Chin Khoo from MALAYSIA
Welcome LEO BELIME - ASI Trainer In Portugal
Supporting MIGUEL BRAZ at the Skimboard championships in Spain
Singapore puts on a Level 1 SUP Wise Fun Competition
ASI Ricardo Haverschmidt gains 3rd in the SUP 11 City Tour 2021
Stevie Boyle Finishes the SUP Great Glen Challenge Sept 2021
Take a Surf Trip to Madeira with Calhau Surf School
Surf Trip à a Calhau Surf School
Dave Knight Close to Completing Epic SUP Challenge
From Little Acorns: The Birth of High Point Paddle Adventures
Tips For an Active Paddle Boarding Winter - With Kempen SUP
SUP Leashes - Your Tether to a Safer Place
Loch and Glee - Emma Hepplewhite Talks The Great Glen Challenge And The Journey To Come
Essential Surfing Skills - Aborting The Take-off
Paddle Boarding Through The Grip of a Tasmanian Winter
Tips For an Active Paddle Boarding Winter - With Island SUP & Central SUP
The Healing Power of The Paddle Board
Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor Rhys Bates - The Maldives
Staying Safe in The Sun
Choosing The Right Surfboard Leash
Top Six Beginner Surf Locations - UK
Do You Know Why Sucky, Hollow, And Spitting Waves Are Good Surfing Waves?
Light After Darkness - The Shifting Landscape For Post-Lockdown SUP Events
What Is The Surfrider Foundation?
Hypothermia - Signs, Treatments And Reasons Not To Worry
Tips For Surfing In Winter And Cold Water
The Joy Of A SUP With Your Pup
A Guide To Paddle Boarding With Your Dog
Introducing Greg Collier ASI SUP Instructor In Australia
SUP Incorrect Technique: Over Bending / Bouncing Knees - VIDEO
Fun SUP Races hosted by Constant Wind, Singapore
Singapore SCF SUP Mid Distance Championships
Irish SUP Christmas Cracker 2021 SUP Race Dublin 
4 Stand Up Paddleboarders die on Cleddau River, Haverfordwest Wales UK
What is a Defibrillator?
Become an ASI SUP Tour Guide
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Trent 100 Challenge, July 2022
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Singapore SUP Sprint Race, 2 July 2022
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Working as a Surfing Instructor in Portugal
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ASI Trainers meet-up at the 2022 ICF SUP World Championships
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IrishSUP Surf Classic 2022, Sponsored by ASI
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Oficina do Fato de Surf - a Portuguese repair project that gives a second life to your Wetsuit
Oficina do Fato de Surf - um projeto de repara portuguas que uma segunda vida ao seu fato de surf
Surf Trip a Matosinhos com a Surfing Life Club
Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Ho Kah Soon
The Good Law Project is Making Government Accountable
Is Surf Skating Good For Improving Surfing?
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Birdlife Encounters Whilst Stand Up Paddle Boarding
What is the Matosinhos Surf School Cup, Portugal?
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Investigation Report Released Into 4 Deaths In Paddle Board Tour. Wales Oct 2021.
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UK Based WSA has Closed Down
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Merry Christmas
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