Is Surf Skating Good For Improving Surfing?

Posted date: 06-November-2022
Is Surf Skating Good For Improving Surfing?
It’s a good question, yes is the answer, here are a few reasons why.
1. It is balance training; quite possibly the closest balance sensation to surfing you can get
2. We can repeat movements in quick succession in a controlled environment
3. Muscle memory is created through mimicking surf movements
4. Increased fitness levels, you’ll find an hour of skating feels like hours surfing on those leg muscles!
5. Helps generate speed, used the right way we can create the techniques to pump our surfboard
6. Improves flow, learning to maintain your speed and power through flow will translate to better surfing
7. Practice makes perfect, and surf skating increases the amount we can practice, no flat spells anymore!
8. Most importantly it’s fun; After all Surfing is “pointless fun” remove the fun and it’s just pointless! 
To get the best out of your Surf Skate talk to a good Surf Coach, they can set you up with the best way to utilise that surf skate to compliment your surf coaching, setting you goals for your onward surfing life.
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