5 Reasons to Learn to Bodyboard with ASI

Posted date: 23-August-2018

Bodyboarding is an extremely accessible sport to learn. So long as you can swim and are  comfortable in the surf, you can learn to bodyboard.


ASI Bodyboard Instructor Callum Morse has been teaching bodyboarding both in the UK and abroad for many years, he gives us 5 reasons why you should learn to bodyboard.

1. You can learn at any age from the very young (with adult supervision) to the elderly, bodyboarding has no age limits.

2. Unlike surfing bodyboarding has a fast learning curve, with the correct instruction you will be sliding down a wave in less than 24 hours.

3. Bodyboarding is easier to get into waves, with swim fins and a large surface area the board picks up unbroken waves easily meaning more exhilarating fun for you.

4. Bodyboards are cheap to buy, less than half the price of a standard surfboard.

5. With practice, you can learn to do manoeuvres like spins and airs. In surfing, these moves take decades to perfect.

ASI learn to bodyboard courses are specially developed to make learning easy and fun. From entry level to advanced, you can progress at your own pace. Why not give it a try?

For more details go to: https://www.academyofsurfing.com/bodyboarding





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