Cornwall leading the way in recycling surf gear

Posted date: 17-September-2019

UK. CORNWALL, HAYLE.  Recycle your surf gear.  Krog Den Surf Shop is probably Cornwall’s largest stock of pre-owned wetsuits, surfboards, skateboards and surf hardware.  You will find an amazing range of gear at budget prices. 

Started by Tristram, a local surfer.  He had a full time corporate job that kept him away from the surf.  The answer was to start a business in the surf industry.  And what a great initiative. No need to buy new gear when you have loads of pre-used gear waiting to be used !  

Take your preloved surf gear to Krog Denb and earn some extra cash.  If you are looking for gear, this is the place to buy it.  Surfboards, wetsuits, leashes, clothing.   Open all year round.   

By the way, its one of the coolist places to hang in the local area. !! 

Located right in town at the Old Foundry Chapel, Hayle Cornwall TR27 4AB 
More info at:


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