Introducing ASI Surf Instructor, Paolo Soler

Posted date: 07-September-2018

PHILIPPINES:  ASI Level 2 Surf Coach, Paolo Soler is the proud owner of the ASI accredited Philippine Surf Academy (PSA) which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year.

Paolo reflects on teaching thousands of students and why he still loves teaching 10 years on.

“I’ve been teaching surfing at PSA for 10 years. I do it because I just really love teaching surfing. There's just something so rewarding about helping people get into it the right way and for the right reasons.

“I feel so much positive energy when I am deep in the zone of conducting a surf lesson. This is why I also feel the need to impart my knowledge to other surf instructors and schools around the country as I see them as my brothers and sisters who share all the same challenges and experiences of this exciting industry. “

Sharing the stoke of surfing with students is so important as is looking after the staff at PSA, as Paolo says:

“The first thing I teach all of my students is to drop their egos before they get in the water so they may immerse themselves in the good vibes of life and appreciate all of Gods gifts. Best of all, I love the fact that Philippine Surfing Academy is fuelled by passion for sharing the stoke and obligation to the livelihood of the families of the staff.

The Philippine Surfing Academy offers a unique way to learn to surf.

The school was the first to utilise wave pool technology and develop an innovative learn to surf programme at Metro Manila at Club Manila East resort, Tay Tay.  They also provide lessons and tour packages to beach locations all over the country.

At Club Manila East, the wave pool provides perfect, mechanically generated beginner waves at the push of a button. This means beginners or improvers get a huge amount of practice learning to surf, and usually by day two they are already learning to turn or cross step on the board. The innovative surf programmes and techniques developed by Paolo provide maximum learning, skill development and enjoyment.
“I can't believe PSA really is 10 years old already and what a ride it has been. From conducting the Philippine's first Surfing, Poi and Yoga tour package in Calicoan Island in 2007. Riding the first waves in a wave pool in Metro Manila at Club Manila East resort in 2008.  Discovering the river mouth and beach breaks of Magra Beach Resort in Real, Quezon in 2008. Bringing surfing to Boracay at the Crown Regency Hotel in 2012. Finally developing the most effective surf training bootcamp program ‘Surfcuit Intensive Training’ in 2012 through to the present day.”

Building the school’s reputation as the best and safest in the country is important to Paolo. He says:

“Here at PSA, safety is paramount. Being accredited under the Academy of Surfing Instructors ensures we provide the safest and highest quality surf education in the Philippines. All the coaches are ASI trained instructors, certified in Basic Life Support (CPR), First Aid, and Water Safety (Lifeguard) under the Philippine Red Cross. It’s hugely important to us and to our clients.

Sharing the stoke and passion for surfing with thousands of students over the years Paolo says: “There is a special reward in teaching something that will make someone’s life a little better”.

We couldn’t agree more. Time to celebrate Paolo and we wish you all the future success in bringing surfing to many more thousands of students over the next decade!

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