Introducing Emil Aslaksrud, an ASI L1 surf instructor based in Norway!

Posted date: 22-October-2020

Emil Aslaksrud is an ASI L1 Surf instructor based in Hoddevik, Norway’s surf paradise. A keen waterman, Emil took up surfing 5 years ago on the Lofoten Islands. Surfing is a growing scene in Norway and he is stoked that he gets to share his love for surfing and give people a professional and safe introduction to the sport. 

What is your background?
I am Emil Aslaksrud, 24 years old from Norway and live on the westcoast where I study nature guiding. I started surfing 5 years ago and have been instructing for the past two summers at StadSurfing surfschool, rentals and hostel in Hoddevik beach on the westcoast of Norway. 

What got you involved in the sport?
I started with sailing the optimist dinghy, then moved over to windsurfing.  From there I got interested in waves and wanted to learn surfing. I moved to the Lofoten islands and that’s where I learned to surf.

Why did you become an ASI instructor?
I wanted a fun summer job and it seemed perfect, I get to share the stoke for the ocean and surfing. Surfing is a growing scene in Norway so it’s cool to be able to give people a good and safe introduction.

What are you doing now?
Right now I’ve started my final year of my bachelor degree in nature guiding at home on the wescoast of Norway, I spent the summer instructing. 

Has COVID changed what you do?  How?
Because of COVID all Norwegians holidayed in Norway this year.  This meant we had a big increase in people visiting Hoddevik, renting equipment and attending surf lessons.  It was a super busy summer, but also fun! 

Tell us about funny or interesting or nice situation that has happened to you with instructing?
A nice situation that happened was a woman who told me before the lesson that she wasn’t confident in water but wanted to give surfing a go. I really wanted her to gain confidence, so we did a little bodysurf for warmup and you could see her start to relax. After she told me that the surf lesson really helped her. That was cool, I was so stoked for her. 

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