Becoming a Qualified SUP Instructor in a COVID World

Posted date: 26-September-2020

Significant changes are being made in all industries. Training to become an instructor also now requires changes in delivery formats.   With restrictions on flying to other locations, border lockdowns happening on a day’s notice, self-quarantining on return, social distancing, hygiene and group size restrictions, are issues that have to be considered.  

ASI now offers a range of learning solutions for SUP instructors including rescue courses.  No matter where you are in the world, there is an option for you. 

E-learning online courses:
Enrol anytime.  Read in your own time, on computer or your phone.  View technique videos, complete exercises.  Submit practical assessments.  Assessed and feedback provided.  

Flexible trainer:
Enrol anytime.  This hybrid course is where you complete theory online and then organise a time to meet with an ASI trainer and complete your practical assessments, ask questions and get feedback.   

Are still being held as different countries and even states within countries have different COVID restrictions.  

If you have completed a qualification with another training provider, you can complete the ASI transfer course and gain your ASI SUP Instructor qualification.  Delivered via online e-learning.  

The ASI e-learning platform, is easy to use and comprehensive.  You can access training manuals, technique videos, reference materials and practice exercises, keep track of where you are at.  

Plus complete on the job experience in your local area or gain recognition for past experience. 

ASI, bringing you worldwide expertise and training solutions. 

Whether you want to work in the industry and just learn for fun, ASI can help you get there.