What to Wear Stand Up Paddling Boarding in Australia in Winter

Posted: 6 July 2022


AUSTRALIA. Karl here from Bombora Ettalong Beach SUP, I'm going to make a bold statement that goes against popular opinion. ‘’Winter is the best time to SUP’’

WHY - The water is usually calmer, you're not dying from heat exhaustion, the beaches are less crowded, and there is far less risk of sunburn, plus sunny winter days are just awesome with amazing sunrises and sunsets.

The only real downside is that it can be cold, which can be easily fixed with the right gear.

At Bombora Ettalong Beach SUP we paddle all year and run SUPfit classes early in the morning as the sunrises.

Most people will think of wet suits when paddling in the winter which are great for surfers who spend most of their time in the water but on a SUP they can get very uncomfortable. You can quickly become very hot plus there’re bulky and expensive.

On a SUP, you rarely, if ever get wet unless you're riding a SUP in the surf, or you are a beginner. The best choice of clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable when dry but still offer a high level of protection, in case you do fall off.  



What to Wear 

Thermal rash shirts, long pants, socks, beanies and gloves are perfect for SUPing in the winter.

You want your winter supping clothing to:

  • keep you warm or dry
  • be fast drying and won't absorb water
  • have UV50 plus sun protection
  • be comfortable stretchy fabric, that fits like a second skin and it has an inner fleece to keep you warm.

I use Adrenaline 2P thermal jacket with zipper front, 2P thermal socks and booties plus gloves on those very cold days. There’re all perfect for when I am training on my SUP.


When training or padding hard you quickly warm up. The 2P jackets with zipper fronts can be easily removed and tied around your waist as you heat up. 

Adrenaline 2P thermal jackets features: 
2P Thermal fabric has a warm soft inner fleece
Doesn't hold water is breathable and comfortable
Protects from wind chill and is quick drying.

Zipper Front $59.95
No Zipper      $49.95


Socks and Booties

The Adrenaline 2P thermal socks paired with Adrenaline water shoes are perfect for keeping your feet warm. Plus protecting your feet from sharp objects as you walk in the water but still allow great feel for the paddle board so you can easily move around on the board with confidence. 

Adrenaline Water Shoes $39.95
Neoprene uppers with soft rubber sole
Great protection while still offering a good feel for the board

​Adrenaline 2P Thermal Socks  $10.95
2P Thermal fabric has a warm soft inner fleece
Doesn't hold water is breathable and comfortable
Protects from wind chill and is quick drying



Adrenaline HDX Kevlar Gloves $29.95
High quality neoprene with amazing grip
Kevlar fingertips and waterproof faux leather palm


Keep Paddling

When you have the correct cothing, there's no excuse not to paddle all year round.   


Thanks Karl at  Bombora Ettalong Beach SUP (as ASI Accredited SUP School) for providing some insights on what they use and recommend. 

They sell and hire the complete range of Adrenaline 2P thermal gear. 
For more info or to purchase call Karl on 0401377223 


All prices are approximate only, currency is Australian dollars.