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Posted date: 04-May-2021

THAILAND.  ASI Accredited Surf School, One More Wave Kata Beach Hotel,  provides some insights on the surf scene in Thailand and why they choose to be an ASI Accredited surf school.  Based at Kata Beach, which boasts white sands, blue waters,  great beginner surf and a vibrant tourism destination.  It’s a place to put on your bucket list for future travels.               

The Surf

Thailand's waves are influenced by season winds.  In May to October we have wind swell on west coast of Phuket and Pang Nga province.

We have lots of spots around this area, such as: Kata, Kalim, Surin, Naiyang and Khao Lak.

About Kata Beach

We are located at Kata Beach.  It is a world class destination for tourists.  It is a beach break spot with good waves for beginners.

It is same like Kuta Beach at Bali, but our sands and water are better than Kuta. The waves are not as strong or big as Kuta.

Wave height is always around 0.5 meter   Which makes our location really good for the Asian beginner, especially the people who are not good at swimming.

There are 30-40 surf schools in Thailand. But we are the only one for Chinese market.  We are also tried our best to introduce ASI to Chinese market.  Hang 5, an ASI School, is our brother surfing school in Hainan China. We work together to offer surfing experiences in both countries.

We have worked hard to provide a professional surf school in Thailand. We are the only ASI accredited school in Thailand and our standards are very high which makes us more popular.

What Made us Choose ASI?

We joined the ASI surfing instructor, surf rescue and first aid courses in Bali in 2017. Our coach is Tom who is a real good coach with good experience and knowledge.

We are really appreciated attending the ASI workshop.

Before we joined the ASI, we didn’t know we must use soft boards for our customers, we don't know we should choose the waves not more than 0.5m, we didn’t know what basic safety knowledge we should teach to customers. The ASI surf school standards are very clear and helps us to operate our surf school with safety and with good training practices.  All of these things made us decide to be a ASI school.

Using the ASI Surf Wise program

We got another surprise from Surf Wise lesson. We bought Surf Wise materials, it is a really good materials for us to teach to our customers.

We follow the guideline to separate our beginner level 2 lesson as 7 parts for 4 days, each part has their own knowledge and practice.  All customers love it.


We also have hotel accommodation.  Specially for surfers.   So you can stay near the beach and get surf lessons as well.

It is always a lot of fun at the hotel, meeting new people and hearing about surfing experiences.


In Summary

So we don't have any reason to leave our ASI family, we are really thankful for your kindly support.

COVID has been difficult for us, as borders have been closed.  But no matter how difficult it is, it has not made us give up. We still believe we can definitely be better after COVID.

We look forward to you visiting us in the future !

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