Introducing ASI Surfing Instructor: Giovani Dunzer

Posted date: 24-February-2021

PORTUGAL.  The latest member of the ASI surf instructor family is Giovani Dunzer, who recently completed his  ASI IPDJ Curso De Treinadors De Surfing Grau 1. Giovani is based on the stunning Portuguese coastline, not far from Lisbon, famous for it’s beautiful beaches and world class surf conditions. We caught up with him to find out more about his surfing life and his training with ASI.

Hi Giovani; tell us a bit about your background

“I'm a lifeguard and ASI surf instructor.”

How did you get started in surfing?

“I have been in contact with surfing since my childhood.”

Why did you become an ASI qualified surf instructor?

“Since I was a kid my love for surfing has only increased. I graduated as a lifeguard and I worked for 7 years as a lifeguard, but just being in the sand was not enough so I decided to teach the sport that I love so much.”

What are you doing right now?

“Now I am a surf instructor in Portugal (region of Lisbon).”

What do you love about being an ASI SUP instructor?

“I’m proud to be an ASI instructor because the quality of the course is incredible, being one of the best surf instructor courses in the world.”

How has COVID and related restrictions changed how you operate?

“With COVID we had numerous stoppages, preventing me from taking classes, but surfing never stopped, because there are some places that we can still practice surfing; remote and safe spots.”

Can you tell us about any memorable stories or situations that have happened whilst instructing?

“On Women's Day in Portugal we carried out a project to introduce women who had never had contact with surfing to take an experimental class completely free of charge. Lots of women enjoyed the experience. So much so that they continued to practice surfing after doing it for the first time on Women's Day. This project took place in Costa da Caparica, Portugal.”

Thanks so much for taking the time to give us some insight into your surfing life and recent experiences, Giovani. We wish you all the positive waves as you ride into 2021!

If you fancy becoming an ASI IPDJ approved surf instructor like Giovani then click here to find out how to get started and make your dream job a reality!


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