Surfing Technique - Stance

Posted date: 29-July-2020

Having the correct stance is important to help you maintain balance and perform manoeuvres. It will also help you to develop “style” which makes for a great surfer.

Correct Stance

The correct stance is achieved when:

• Your legs are apart - approximately shoulder width to help with balance
• Your knees are slightly bent – to help you absorb any bumps on the waves
• Your arms are out slightly from your side with your elbows slightly bent to help you balance
• Your eyes are on the section of wave ahead – to see what is happening to the wave.


Bad Stance

Be careful not to fall into bad stance habits when you first start surfing. It will be difficult to control the board and perform maneouvres.

Here are some bad stance positions:

• Broad stance. Legs are too far apart.
• Narrow stance. Legs are too close together
• Legs too straight


Place feet correctly on the board, any other spot on the board could result in you not being able to stay balanced and/or missing waves.

• Feet placed too far back on the surfboard: The nose of the board will lift out of the water and the board will stall and stop. You will miss so many waves by continuing to stand up too far back.

• Feet placed too far forward: This will result in you nose-diving the surfboard every time.



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Photo: Jason Feast Photography
Surfer: Corinne Jones

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