Surfing Technique-How to perform a Floater

Posted: 5 September 2019


When Would You Perform a Floater?

A floater can be performed to
•             help get around a section that is closing out in front of you.
•             as a last manoeuvre, on the last part of any closing out wave.

The floater will give you more speed to get past a closing out section and to get back onto the open wave face ahead. 

If you just do a re-entry in that place you might not retain enough speed to drive you forward, past the curl and onto the open face ahead.  

Ideal waves to do floaters on are medium sized waves with sections that crumble or break ahead of you.  To do a good floater, you’ll need to have the necessary speed to turn up and stay on top of the broken lip/wave.  You can only stay on top of the wave for 2 to 3 seconds otherwise you will slow down too much and the board will drop into the foaming whitewash and catch a rail.

If you are at high speed, this will probably not happen as you can usually glide over this hollow section quickly and back down onto clean water.

At the time of performing the floater, you will not always know if you will make it. 

Step 1:  Do a bottom turn at speed riding up on top of the peeling lip.

Step 2:  Continue to go up the wave and ride on top of the lip as it peels over.  

Step 3:  As you feel yourself dropping back down the wave, turn the front of your board back down the wave. 

Step 4:  As you start to drop down the wave extend your legs and lift your arms, to maintain your downward pressure and your centre of balance on the board.

Step 5:    You are now down on the smooth water in front of the wave, crouched and ready to do a bottom turn that will drive you towards to the open face of the wave again.


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