Introducing ASI SUP Yoga Instructor – Catherine Carr

Posted date: 08-September-2020
AUSTRALIA. Introducing ASI SUP Yoga Instructor Catherine Carr based in Perth, Western Australia. Catherine lives for the outdoors and when she learnt that she could combine her love of SUP and Yoga it was like she found heaven. She currently is teaching SUP Yoga at Matilda Bay a gorgeous part of the swan river. 
1. What is your background?
A little about me; I live for the outdoors and enjoy hiking, paddling, swimming, more paddling and mountain biking. 
Australia’s gorgeous outback and weather allows me to make the most of every day. Life is too short and who knows what is around the corner.
2. What got you involved in the sport?
My go to is yoga and pilates, I do not do gyms or indoor machines. I appreciate the fresh air, scenery and sunshine 
I first completed yoga and Pilates training courses to further myself and being a frontline shift worker, I could explore classes outside of conventional office hours. I then found myself sharing my love of pilates and yoga, and started teaching others. 
When I realised, I could put the two fitness loves of my life together namely SUP and yoga I thought I had found heaven.
3. Why did you become an ASI instructor?
I started doing SUP yoga at Matilda Bay, a gorgeous part of the Swan River in Perth. I was in awe of my SUP teacher and her nature technique beliefs 
Sure enough, she encouraged me to further myself and study with ASI which then gave me the opportunity to teach Stand up paddling and SUP Yoga. Two years on the smoothing calm waters of the bay is where you will find me @xquizitcreations.  Just as an added bonus, the local dolphins may make an appearance 
ASI has been fantastic. I have found ASI to be a worldwide company with friendly knowledgeable staff.  I enjoy hearing about other instructors’ journeys. 
My mantra at Xquizit Creations, life is about creating yourself. Creating a new you, creating new passions, Passion is energy, energy from what excites you and my passion is SUP yoga 
4. Has COVID changed what you do?  How?
We were very fortunate in Perth that The Covid-19 lock down was short lived, everything came to a standstill for a while but our strict boarder closures enabled the state to prevent any outbreaks. A bonus with Stand up paddling is that you can do it solo even now, it is simple to keep your distance from everyone else.
For me as an instructor it limits the corrections, I do on people no close ups or contact.  Fortunately to SUP the Bay is our oyster one person per SUP.
5. Tell us about funny or interesting or nice situation that has happened to you with instructing?
I completed a shift early hour one morning and went straight to Matilda Bay to host a SUP yoga class.  I hadn’t slept, the sun was shining in its absolute glory.  As the class wound down, everyone was preparing for savasana which allows the body to relax unwind become one with the board. I took the opportunity to do the same. I laid down, stretched out, switched off the busy chitter chatter in my mind and closed my eyes, I felt myself melting onto the board.  My body and mind relaxed a little too much, it was a little snore which startled me causing me to wake myself up. I sat up so quick and startled I fell off the board. So much for gently bringing movement back into the body.  I have no idea how long I was asleep for but it appears the rest of the class were also out for the count. 
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