Stay in Surfing Shape - 9 Practice tips for "Out of Ocean" practice

Posted: 1 June 2024


When it comes to surfing, you are at the mercy of the ocean and weather. If you find that conditions are not suitable and you can’t go into the sea because the waves are too big or blown out, you can still keep in surfing shape by practising on land or in the pool.

Here are 9 tips, from ASI Director Nigel Potts, to keep you in surfing shape. 

1. Practice your “jump up”.
This will help tone up your muscles and keep you flexible enough to quickly get to your feet. This is probably one of the hardest things learn when surfing. So, practice at least 5 to 10 jump up’s, every day. You will notice the difference when you get back on your board. You can practice on dry land. Or you can practice on a bed. As a bed is a little unstable, it has a similar feeling to being in the water.

2. Get a skateboard.
Riding on a skateboard is excellent practice for learning to turn on a surfboard. It has a very similar feel to turning a board and the same balance principles.






3. Swimming.
Go to the pool and do laps. This will help increase your aerobic fitness and tone your muscles.

4. Practice paddling, sitting up and turning the board into the swimming pool.
(But only if the swimming pool is large enough or allowed). If conditions are flat, you can also practice this in the ocean.

5. Practice on surf training equipment:
Use a paddling machine to practice paddling, or a balance board to practice balance.

6. Watch surf movies.
See what the experienced surfers are doing and how they handle the waves and different situations.

7. Hang out at the beach and watch others surfing.
Once again, see what they are doing, where they position themselves, how they get through the waves and everything else.

8. Read surfing mags, learn to surf books and surfing websites.
You’ll pick up tips and information that will help you progress quickly with your surfing.

9. Enrol in an ASI Surfing School to get the best tuition. 
Work with ASI Surfing Instructor with private coaching to perfect your technique.   
Find ASI schools on the ASI website: 


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