Introducing Phil Sadler, ASI Trainer and Instructor.

Posted date: 05-March-2020

UK. Introducing ASI Trainer and Instructor Phil Sadler based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. He is an elite-advanced surfer, holding ASI Surfing Coach Level 3, as well as a Bachelor of Sport Science (Adventure Sports) and is also a lifeguard trainer. He currently owns and runs Pembrokeshire Surf School an ASI accredited school. The school is also an ASI Instructor Training Centre and Phil trains new ASI instructors.  

ASI Surfing Instructor workshops with Phil in Pembrokeshire are to be held over a number of dates throughout 2020. For more information see our website:

1. What is your background?

I started surfing in 1989 and spent years travelling to as many world class points as possible! started teaching a few kids while working for Billabong in South Africa at the J Bay comp at Supers and loved it. When I got home, I started working through qualifications and jobs coaching Surfing and various other outdoor sports.

2. What got you involved in the sport?

I started surfing around 1989 on the south coast with mates mainly for fun. The adventure of travelling, meeting other surfers and hunting for good waves was the major appeal to me.

3. Why did you become an ASI instructor?

When ASI came to UK I really rated their training resources and coaching pathway with detail at every level, something the others were lacking for a long time.

4. What are you doing now?

 I own and run Pembrokeshire Surf School in west Wales, teaching beginners through to contest surfers, lifeguard training and Instructor training, its great fun!

5. What do you like about being an ASI instructor?

The lifestyle! I also love sharing my passion for surfing and coaching and in particular that lightbulb moment when you help a surfer to learn new turns or how to improve their manoeuvres.

6.  Tell us about funny or interesting or nice situation that has happened to you with instructing?

While teaching a group of students from our local college on a multiday course that included usual things like respect nature, take only pictures leave only footprints you get the idea... a member of the public sat in their car at the beach carpark decided to throw their takeaway lunch out of the window, we all saw it and the students looked at me in anticipation of a response. I looked at the car and noticed the windows were all open so quickly grabbed all the rubbish and threw it back in the car saying "take your rubbish home!" at this point I realised the guy looked quite a handful and was potentially going to give me a hiding but.. the students all cheered shouting nice one Phil and so diffused the situation as he realised, I was teaching.


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