Introducing ASI SUP & SUP Yoga Instructor Jennifer Greenlees

Posted date: 17-July-2019

UK. NORTHERN IRELAND. Jennifer Greenlees  is a certified ASI SUP L1, L2, L3 Surf, SUP Yoga Instructor  with a background in Holistics, a massage therapist since 1994 and a  qualified Yoga teacher with twenty years experience in Hatha, Astanga and Kundalini.  Jennifer has also been practicing and teaching Yamuna Body Rolling since 2005



Jennifer is constantly learning, developing and evolving, working one on one with many distinguished teachers and therapists around the world. She incorporates this into her personal practice and in her practice as a therapist continually passing this knowledge on to her clients. She has a passion for green, eco-conscious living and is involved in many ‘green’ projects.


Working as a therapist in Northern Ireland, London and New York City she has built up a repertoire of therapies including Aromatherapy and Reflexology, Tuina, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Massage, Pre and Post Natal Massage.


Jennifer has travelled extensively in Japan, China, India and Nepal to learn more about the roots and traditions behind the therapies she practices and has submersed herself in Yoga, Kitaido, Tai Chi and Zen Meditation, learning to use her body safely and efficiently in her practice.



Jennifer became an ASI instructor when she moved back home to Northern Ireland. She loved the thought of sharing this new water sport at home where she has easy access to beautiful beaches.


“I love the sea but forgot about it living and working in big cities. When I was in New York I spent 5 summers in Montauk and got back into sea swimming, surfing and Stand Up paddle boarding. I decided it was time to go home where the weather is mild all year around and we are always just minutes from the sea.

I find stand up paddle boarding very therapeutic being out in nature in the sea. I am now teaching paddle board yoga and I have run a few well being retreats with yoga on the beach, massage and paddle boarding. “



Jennifer loves being an ASI instructor because of the variety of classes she can teach with her qualification... beginner SUP, SUPsurf,, SUP safaris, SUP yoga and  how unexpectedly you come across wildlife while teaching.


 “In Belfast Lough there are lots of seals. Often, they shy away but sometimes they follow you curiously. In the winter months they seem more interested, one time I had 9 seals paddling behind me. Dolphins are a real treat if they show up. I was teaching once in Portush harbour and as I was taking a student out of the harbour, a trawler was coming in with 5 very happy dolphins diving and playing around in front. They soon got bored as the boat slowed down but it was amazing seeing them so close up. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me that day!!"


To find out more about Jennifers SUP and Yoga head over to her website:



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