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ASI SUP Instructors Course at East Hampton, New York. Sept 2018
Posted date: 23-September-2018

USA, NEW YORK, EAST HAMPTON. Only 2.5 hours’ drive from the big apple lies... Read more

Welcome Yu on Blue SUP School, Perth WAAustralia
Posted date: 21-September-2018

AUSTRALIA. WA PERTH. Welcome to Yu on Blue, who have renewed their ASI accredite... Read more

INVITATION - to AIR (ASI Instructor Retreat) 20-21 Oct, 2018 Aughris Head Co. Sligo, Ireland
Posted date: 21-September-2018

Networking and professional development for ASI Instructors    I... Read more

Welcome Outdoor Dublin, Skerries, Ireland
Posted date: 19-September-2018

IRELAND. SKERRIES. Welcome to Outdoor Dublin who have renewed their ASI accredit... Read more

Surfing Articles

Surfing Technique: How to Perform a Bottom Turn
Posted date: 19-September-2018

The bottom turn is performed at the trough or “bottom” of the wave.&... Read more

Surfing Manoeuvre: The Floater
Posted date: 07-June-2018

A floater is an advanced level manoeuvre.   It is when you turn up on ... Read more

Surfing for the Ages
Posted date: 15-December-2017

Surfing is accessible for all ages, from the very young to the more mature. H... Read more

Surfing: How to Perform a Roundhouse Cutback
Posted date: 08-September-2017

A roundhouse cut-back is a cut-back that continues right around through an arc o... Read more

Stand Up Paddle Articles

SUP - Paddle Correctly and Safely with ASI Methodology
Posted date: 13-September-2019

Identify how to stand up paddle correctly and safely with ASI methodology and th... Read more

SUP Polo – a Team Sport, Great Workout and Oodles of Fun!
Posted date: 05-July-2018

At ASI we are always amazed at how versatile SUP can be. From SUP touring to SUP... Read more

SUP Fitness Fun On The Water
Posted date: 03-May-2018

SUP Fitness is a new way to get fit with a stand up paddleboard. But what is it?... Read more

SUP Surfing Etiquette
Posted date: 17-January-2018

ASI Master Trainer Paul Byrne from Irish SUP has been getting some good winter s... Read more

Bodyboarding Articles

5 Reasons to Learn to Bodyboard with ASI
Posted date: 23-August-2018

Bodyboarding is an extremely accessible sport to learn. So long as you can swi... Read more

Jobs / Businesses for Sale

WANTED Surfing Instructors, Mollymook NSW Australia
Posted date: 23-September-2018

AUSTRALIA. NSW.   Mollymook Surf School are looking for Level 1 Surfin... Read more

WANTED SUP Instructor, Albany Western Australia
Posted date: 22-September-2018

AUSTRALIA.  ASI Level 2 SUP Instructor (Exposed Waters) want to work the su... Read more

Surfing Instructor Wanted – Gold Coast, Qld Australia
Posted date: 21-September-2018

AUSTRALIA. GOLD COAST.   ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor wanted for pop... Read more

SUP Instructor Wanted – Melbourne Australia
Posted date: 20-September-2018

AUSTRALIA. MELBOURNE.  ASI Level 2 Stand up paddle instructors wanted for t... Read more

ASI People

Spotlight on ASI Surf Instructor, Paolo Soler, Philippines
Posted date: 07-September-2018

PHILIPPINES:  ASI Level 2 Surf Coach, Paolo Soler is the proud owner of the... Read more

Introducing ASI Instructor Wil Compton, Florida USA
Posted date: 31-August-2018

USA. FLORIDA. SANIBEL ISLAND. Wil Compton is an accredited ASI SUP Instructor an... Read more

Profile of Dominika Hornikova, Slovak ASI Surf Instructor
Posted date: 14-August-2018

ASI Surf instructors come from all over the world, even from a landlocked centra... Read more

ASI SUP Instructor Makes History at the Avon Descent, Perth West Australia
Posted date: 09-August-2018

AUSTRALIA, Perth. This August 2018, history was made when ASI SUP Instructor, Pa... Read more

Travel Destinations

SUP Away Holiday Croatia - SUP and Sail Adventures Around Croatia
Posted date: 08-September-2018

CROATIA. SUP and Sail adventures around Croatia with ASI accredited SUP School, ... Read more

ASI SUP Away Holiday to Sligo, Ireland
Posted date: 06-August-2018

Why not experience a SUP holiday in Sligo, Western Ireland? From here you can pa... Read more

ASI SUP Away Holiday to Ljubljana, Slovenia
Posted date: 22-July-2018

SLOVENIA.  Experience a SUP holiday in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Where you can p... Read more

Register for the SUP Fitness Retreat in Tonga – June 2018
Posted date: 29-April-2018

TONGA.  Join ASI SUP Fitness Instructor, Eva Petrikova at this tropical par... Read more


Enrol ASI SUP Yoga Teacher Course, Qatar, Doha, December 2018
Posted date: 18-September-2018

MIDDLE EAST. QATAR. DOHA. Enrol now for ASI SUP Yoga Teacher course in Doha on 1... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor Courses, Qatar Doha, December 2018
Posted date: 18-September-2018

MIDDLE EAST. QATAR. DOHA.  Travel to the warm climate of Middle East and en... Read more

Enrol Fast-Track ASI SUP Instructor courses Townsville, Australia December 2018
Posted date: 13-September-2018

AUSTRALIA, TOWNSVILLE. Enrol now for the Fast Track ASI SUP Instructor courses o... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor Courses, Algarve Portugal, November 2018
Posted date: 11-September-2018

PORTUGAL. ALGARVE .   Become an ASI Accredited SUP instructor and comp... Read more

Health Articles

Hawaii Bans Sunscreen. Is Sunscreen Also Toxic To Humans ?
Posted date: 26-July-2018

Hawaii has passed a bill banning sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate... Read more

Paddleboarders stand up to raise awareness about suicide around New Norfolk, Tasmania Australia
Posted date: 25-April-2018

Awareness about Suicide fundraiser using SUP activities was organised by ASI SUP... Read more

How Surfing Mental Therapy is providing Amazing Results
Posted date: 21-April-2018

AUSTRALIA. SYDNEY.  Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation, an Australian based... Read more

Why Zinc is One of the Best Natural Sunscreens
Posted date: 07-April-2017

It’s always difficult to find really great sunscreen that isn’t harm... Read more


Does the moon and tides affect volcanic/earthquake acivity?
Posted date: 28-January-2018

The recent increased earthquake and volcanic activity could be related to the mo... Read more

Whales & Dolphins Stand Up Paddle & Surfing Safety Tips
Posted date: 10-November-2017

Sharing the ocean with whales and dolphins is one of the many joys of surfing an... Read more

10 Ways to Care for Our Coastal Environment
Posted date: 12-June-2017

Our coastal environment supports a huge variety of animals and plants so by help... Read more


Message from Secretary of Tourism Philippines to ASIP
Posted date: 14-August-2018

PHILIPPINES. Our hardworking Secretary of Tourism Berna Romulo Puyat took time t... Read more

Wollongong Council, Australia Issues New Surf School Permits
Posted date: 18-December-2017

Surf School permits in Wollongong, NSW Australia recently went to tender with pe... Read more

Philippines Tourism Promotes ‘Surfing’ As Major Tourism Product
Posted date: 09-August-2016

Philippines Tourism is partnering with ASI to implement “Surfing” as... Read more

Surfers Say Ballina's Shark Barrier is Safety Risk
Posted date: 18-March-2016

AUSTRALIA, NSW. Work on a 650-metre-long shark barrier at Ballina’s Lighth... Read more


After math of Caribbean Hurricane for ASI Schools and Instructors
Posted date: 27-February-2018

The devastation of the recent hurricanes that swept through Puerto Rico and Baha... Read more

Bring back bottle deposits to stop plastic pollution in our oceans
Posted date: 07-November-2017

In the UK we use a staggering 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles and a furt... Read more

UK Charity Surfers Against Sewage
Posted date: 10-October-2017

UK charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is looking for your vote to win funding ... Read more

Urgent Assistance Needed in FIJI!!
Posted date: 25-February-2016

Wanted: Rescue Team, Medical and Tradesmen!! Any Interested persons who want ... Read more

Competition Events

The Scotts Head Paddle Games June 2018, NSW Australia
Posted date: 08-August-2018

The Scotts Head Paddle Games is one of the most popular events on the SUP calend... Read more

The Annual Pines Surfing Competition Crowns Junior Surfers
Posted date: 27-May-2018

AUSTRALIA, NSW.  ASI Accredited Surf School, Pines Surfing Academy, held th... Read more

The Scotts Head Paddle Games. 15-17 June 2018, NSW Australia
Posted date: 19-May-2018

AUSTRALIA NSW.   The Scotts Head Paddle Games is in its 7th year and i... Read more

Irish SUP Surf Classic 2018
Posted date: 25-March-2018

IRELAND.  This is Ireland's annual SUP Surf Competition run for the SUP... Read more

Product Reviews

BIC Boards – Surf and SUP
Posted date: 12-July-2018

Peter Durham Category Manager of BIC SUP How do BIC Sport manage to keep the... Read more

A Versatile Deck Bag for your SUP Adventures
Posted date: 24-June-2018

Red have designed a Deck Bag to place on your SUP Board.   It’s ... Read more

Waterproof protection for your valuables while out Paddling
Posted date: 18-May-2018

While out on the water, be it on board a SUP or surfboard, what do you do with t... Read more

Why Use Rail Tape on SUP boards?
Posted date: 25-June-2017

New products in the SUP world tend to get shared and trialled and banded about. ... Read more