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ASI SUP Instructors Get Lost in Bermuda, May 2018
Posted date: 22-May-2018

USA. BERMUDA.   ASI trainer Gina Bradley, flew from the USA, to delive... Read more

Congratulations new SUP Instructors, Surfers Paradise, Australia
Posted date: 21-May-2018

AUSTRALIA. GOLD COAST. Huge congratulations to all our new SUP Instructors who c... Read more

Welcome Bombora Ettalong SUP School, NSW Australia
Posted date: 21-May-2018

AUSTRALIA. NSW. Welcome to Bombora Ettalong Beach SUP, who have renewed their AS... Read more

ASI SUP Yoga Teachers Pose in Pembrokeshire, May 2018
Posted date: 21-May-2018

UK. WALES. PEMBROKESHIRE.  ASI SUP Yoga Teacher Leanne Bird delivered the A... Read more

Surfing Articles

Surfing for the Ages
Posted date: 15-December-2017

Surfing is accessible for all ages, from the very young to the more mature. H... Read more

Surfing: How to Perform a Roundhouse Cutback
Posted date: 08-September-2017

A roundhouse cut-back is a cut-back that continues right around through an arc o... Read more

Watch out for Surf rage
Posted date: 19-August-2017

As surfing becomes more and more popular, especially as the temperatures rise,... Read more

How Surfboard Tail Shapes Affect Performance
Posted date: 28-July-2017

Are you looking to improve your surfing performance? Having the right board and ... Read more

Stand Up Paddle Articles

SUP Fitness Fun On The Water
Posted date: 03-May-2018

SUP Fitness is a new way to get fit with a stand up paddleboard. But what is it?... Read more

What are the 5 Phases of the SUP Paddle Stroke?
Posted date: 14-April-2018

SUP Paddling technique can be broken down into 5 phases.  But what are thes... Read more

Paddle League a Boost for SUP
Posted date: 20-March-2018

The new Paddle League is now formed.  It provides a world tour for SUP comp... Read more

SUP Surfing Etiquette
Posted date: 17-January-2018

ASI Master Trainer Paul Byrne from Irish SUP has been getting some good winter s... Read more

Bodyboarding Articles

5 Reasons to Learn to Bodyboard with ASI
Posted date: 23-August-2018

Bodyboarding is an extremely accessible sport to learn. So long as you can swi... Read more


WANTED Surfing Instructors, Agnes Waters Qld Australia
Posted date: 16-May-2018

AUSTRALIA.  QUEENSLAND.  Reef 2 Beach Surf School, located at Agnes Wa... Read more

WANTED Surfing Instructors for Costa Rica
Posted date: 28-April-2018

COSTA RICA.   We have a large surf camp in Costa Rica and would like t... Read more

Surfing Instructor Wanted, Perth West Australia
Posted date: 12-April-2018

AUSTRALIA, PERTH,.  ASI Accredited surf school, Start Surf, would love to h... Read more

WANTED Surf School Manager and Surfing Instructors, Mexico
Posted date: 26-January-2018

Surf Mexico, an ASI accredited school, located at Bucerias Puerto Vallarta is hi... Read more

ASI People

Caina Souza da Silva - a Career as a Surf Instructor
Posted date: 10-May-2018

The start of my career as a surf instructor was a special moment in my life and ... Read more

SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness with ASI Trainer Leanne Bird, UK
Posted date: 07-May-2018

Leanne Bird is an ASI SUP Yoga Teacher, SUP Fitness and an ASI SUP Trainer based... Read more

Meet ASI SUP instructor - Franca Oud van Neijenhof – Netherlands
Posted date: 19-April-2018

Europe. The Netherlands. Zuidervaart.  Our ASI instructors come from all wa... Read more

Dario Milessi, Life as a SUP Instructor In Patagonia
Posted date: 10-April-2018

SOUTH AMERICA. South American born Dario Milessi is a passionate ASI SUP Instruc... Read more

Travel Destinations

Register for the SUP Fitness Retreat in Tonga – June 2018
Posted date: 29-April-2018

TONGA.  Join ASI SUP Fitness Instructor, Eva Petrikova at this tropical par... Read more

SUP Holiday in Pembrokeshire Wales UK
Posted date: 27-December-2017

Why not learn to Stand Up Paddle or develop your SUP skills while holidaying in ... Read more

Visit Paradise at a SUP Yoga Retreat in the Cook Islands
Posted date: 07-June-2017

If you’re looking for a breathtaking tropical holiday that combines Suppin... Read more

Surfing Surfari, in National Parks, Australia
Posted date: 10-May-2017

Waves Surf School offers surfing tours and adventures, from Sydney to the Seal R... Read more

Health Articles

Paddleboarders stand up to raise awareness about suicide around New Norfolk, Tasmania Australia
Posted date: 25-April-2018

Awareness about Suicide fundraiser using SUP activities was organised by ASI SUP... Read more

How Surfing Mental Therapy is providing Amazing Results
Posted date: 21-April-2018

AUSTRALIA. SYDNEY.  Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation, an Australian based... Read more

Why Zinc is One of the Best Natural Sunscreens
Posted date: 07-April-2017

It’s always difficult to find really great sunscreen that isn’t harm... Read more

One Wave is All it Takes. Support Mental Health. 24th March 2017
Posted date: 18-March-2017

Too many people are facing invisible issues like depression, anxiety and bipol... Read more


Does the moon and tides affect volcanic/earthquake acivity?
Posted date: 28-January-2018

The recent increased earthquake and volcanic activity could be related to the mo... Read more

Whales & Dolphins Stand Up Paddle & Surfing Safety Tips
Posted date: 10-November-2017

Sharing the ocean with whales and dolphins is one of the many joys of surfing an... Read more

10 Ways to Care for Our Coastal Environment
Posted date: 12-June-2017

Our coastal environment supports a huge variety of animals and plants so by help... Read more


Wollongong Council, Australia Issues New Surf School Permits
Posted date: 18-December-2017

Surf School permits in Wollongong, NSW Australia recently went to tender with pe... Read more

Philippines Tourism Promotes ‘Surfing’ As Major Tourism Product
Posted date: 09-August-2016

Philippines Tourism is partnering with ASI to implement “Surfing” as... Read more

Philippines Surfing Standards
Posted date: 23-January-2016

The Philippines Department of Tourism continues to support the certification of ... Read more

The Regulation of SUP and Adventure Sports
Posted date: 04-July-2015

The fast growing recreational adventure sports industry, including, SUP, is maki... Read more


Bring back bottle deposits to stop plastic pollution in our oceans
Posted date: 07-November-2017

In the UK we use a staggering 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles and a furt... Read more

UK Charity Surfers Against Sewage
Posted date: 10-October-2017

UK charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is looking for your vote to win funding ... Read more

Urgent Assistance Needed in FIJI!!
Posted date: 25-February-2016

Wanted: Rescue Team, Medical and Tradesmen!! Any Interested persons who want ... Read more

Cash For Containers. Sign the Campaign
Posted date: 03-February-2016

AUSTRALIA.  We want to bring back the Cash for Containers regulations in AL... Read more


The Scotts Head Paddle Games. 15-17 June 2018, NSW Australia
Posted date: 19-May-2018

AUSTRALIA NSW.   The Scotts Head Paddle Games is in its 7th year and i... Read more

Irish SUP Surf Classic 2018
Posted date: 25-March-2018

IRELAND.  This is Ireland's annual SUP Surf Competition run for the SUP... Read more

Bells Beach Surf Film Festival, Torquay, Victoria, Australia JAN 2018
Posted date: 29-January-2018

The Bells Beach Surf Film Festival starts on Wednesday 3 to Saturday 6 January 2... Read more

Save the Waves Film Festival Tours the West Coast, Santa Cruz, USA
Posted date: 20-November-2017

After successful world premiere screenings in both Bali and Europe, spanning Por... Read more

Product Reviews

Waterproof protection for your valuables while out Paddling
Posted date: 18-May-2018

While out on the water, be it on board a SUP or surfboard, what do you do with t... Read more

Why Use Rail Tape on SUP boards?
Posted date: 25-June-2017

New products in the SUP world tend to get shared and trialled and banded about. ... Read more

ASI Learn to Surf Books
Posted date: 30-November--0001

ASI has created and developed Learn to Surf Manuals for beginner, intermediate a... Read more