Coronavirus Updates

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update & Guidelines
Posted date: 07-August-2020

The health and safety of ASI instructors, schools and their students and ASI mem... Read more

ASI Schools Become COVID19 Secure
Posted date: 25-May-2020

ASI is committed to the highest of safety standards and that’s why we now ... Read more

7 Tips To Being COVID Safe When SUP Paddling
Posted date: 16-May-2020

Most countries are now easing up on lockdowns.  If you have not been out on... Read more

Cyprus is Easing Out of Lockdown
Posted date: 16-May-2020

Cyrpus is easing its restrictions on 21 May 2020.   Viacheslav from AS... Read more

Surfing Education

Surfing Technique - Stance
Posted date: 29-July-2020

Having the correct stance is important to help you maintain balance and perform ... Read more

Tube Riding
Posted date: 01-May-2020

 Typically called in the Green Room.   Life turns to slow motion.... Read more

ASI Learn to Surf Beginners Video – Free to view
Posted date: 19-April-2020

Check out ASI’s Learn to surf for beginners video. It’s free to view... Read more

Surfing Technique-How to perform a Floater
Posted date: 05-September-2019

When Would You Perform a Floater? A floater can be performed to • ... Read more

Stand Up Paddle Education

SUP Rescues – Be Prepared
Posted date: 09-October-2020

Knowing basic rescue techniques using your SUP board can be essential. This vide... Read more

Stay Up, On Your SUP, Stay Safe
Posted date: 20-August-2020

Two recent SUP rescues in Wales UK and Ireland highlight the importance of stayi... Read more

SUP - Wind is Your Enemy
Posted date: 26-June-2020

Wind is the biggest danger for new and inexperienced paddlers. The large surf... Read more

The ASI 12 Tips to Stand Up Paddle Safely
Posted date: 01-June-2020

Stand Up Paddle may look easy, but it's essential to keep SUP safety in mind... Read more

Bodyboarding Education

Bodyboarding Safety
Posted date: 31-July-2020

Bodyboarding Safety is ASI’s number one priority. Many of you will be t... Read more

How to Perform a Cutback on a Bodyboard
Posted date: 04-July-2019

Taking off Once you’ve negotiated the take off and successfully bottom tu... Read more

How To Duck Dive A Bodyboard
Posted date: 01-July-2019

If an oncoming wave is about to break on top of you, then a duck dive is require... Read more

5 Reasons to Learn to Bodyboard with ASI
Posted date: 23-August-2018

Bodyboarding is an extremely accessible sport to learn. So long as you can swi... Read more

Outdoors Safety & Awareness

How Reading Cloud Types Can Keep You Safe
Posted date: 30-September-2020

The clouds are a key to reading weather conditions.  If you know the clouds... Read more

Getting Out of Rips/Current
Posted date: 14-May-2020

Any person surfing or swimming in the ocean should be aware of rips and currents... Read more

Do you know what different beach flag colours mean?!
Posted date: 03-September-2019

At ASI, beach safety is utmost important, being able to read and be aware of bea... Read more

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
Posted date: 15-July-2019

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur when you are surfing, in the hot sun a... Read more

ASI Promo

Becoming a Qualified SUP Instructor in a COVID World
Posted date: 26-September-2020

Significant changes are being made in all industries. Training to become an inst... Read more

ASI E-learning SUP Instructor Courses , Learn in Your Own Time
Posted date: 09-June-2020

ASI Instructor courses now available via e-learning and blended e-learning optio... Read more

Become an ASI Level 2 Surfing instructor – E-learning now available.
Posted date: 14-May-2020

Go the next step in your surfing instructor career. Become an ASI Level 2 surfin... Read more

AIR - ASI Instructor Retreat – Sagres Portugal Nov 2019
Posted date: 01-October-2019

Networking and professional development for ASI Instructors on Sat-Sun. 9-10 Nov... Read more

ASI News Blog

Perth Go Surf, Perth Western Australia, COVID-19 Secure
Posted date: 28-October-2020

AUSTRALIA. WA. PERTH.  Congratulations to Perth Go Surf for achieving ASI C... Read more

Welcome Ocean Living Surf School, Goolwa SA, Australia
Posted date: 27-October-2020

AUSTRALIA. SA. GOOLWA.   Congratulations Ocean Living Surf School, who... Read more

Enrol ASI L1 Surfing Instructor Course, Wollongong NSW, Australia, Nov 2020
Posted date: 27-October-2020

AUSTRALIA. NSW. WOLLONGONG. Ready to share your love of surfing and teach others... Read more

Reef 2 Beach, Agnes Water QLD, COVID-19 Secure
Posted date: 26-October-2020

AUSTRALIA. QLD. AGNES WATER.  Congratulations Reef 2 Beach for achieving AS... Read more

Jobs / Businesses for Sale

WANTED Surfing Instructors, Mollymook NSW Australia
Posted date: 21-October-2020

AUSTRALIA. NSW.   Work for Mollymook Beach surf school, located at Mol... Read more

SALS SURF SCHOOL ARE HIRING – ASI L1 Surfing Instructors - Central Coast NSW
Posted date: 20-October-2020

AUSTRALIA.  Sals Surf School are looking for an experienced, reliable and e... Read more

Wanted: Surfing Instructors to work in Byron Bay Australia
Posted date: 13-October-2020

AUSTRALIA.  NSW BYRON BAY.   Black Dog Surfing, an ASI Accredited... Read more

ASI Surfing Instructor Wanted, Perth West Australia
Posted date: 30-July-2020

AUSTRALIA.  Positions available immediately. Perth Go Surf, are looking for... Read more

ASI People

Introducing Kerry Baker, ASI SUP Instructor and school owner based in Wales!
Posted date: 28-October-2020

UK. WALES. BARRY ISLAND. Introducing Kerry Baker, an ASI Level 3 SUP Instru... Read more

Introducing Emil Aslaksrud, an ASI L1 surf instructor based in Norway!
Posted date: 22-October-2020

Emil Aslaksrud is an ASI L1 Surf instructor based in Hoddevik, Norway’s su... Read more

Meet ASI SUP Instructor, Alison Alberghini
Posted date: 15-October-2020

ASI SUP Instructor Alison Alberghini is an Australian expat currently living in ... Read more

Meet Virginia Dan! An ASI SUP instructor based on the south coast of NSW
Posted date: 28-September-2020

AUSTRALIA. Meet Virginia Dan! An ASI SUP instructor based on the south coast of ... Read more

Travel Destinations

5 Watersports To Try At Culburra Beach, NSW Australia
Posted date: 25-September-2020

If you like jumping in at the deep end, you will love Culburra Beach. This pictu... Read more

5 best waves of Portugal
Posted date: 06-September-2019

Are you thinking of a holiday in Portugal?  Check out these 5 great locatio... Read more

SUP away holiday in Haarlem, The Netherlands
Posted date: 27-August-2019

Holland is home to those iconic images of windmills, tulips, beautiful architect... Read more

A SUP Away Holiday to Dublin, Ireland’s Capital City
Posted date: 14-August-2019

Dublin, Ireland’s capital city is located right on the east coast and is s... Read more


Enrol in the ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor Apprenticeship Course
Posted date: 28-October-2020

AUSTRALIA. Complete your theory online on the ASI E-Learning platform and comple... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor courses, Carbis Bay, Cornwall UK. November 2020
Posted date: 22-October-2020

UK. CORNWALL. CARBIS BAY. SUP Instructor courses are scheduled at Carbis Bay, ne... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor courses November 2020. Adelaide, SA, Australia
Posted date: 06-October-2020

AUSTRALIA. SA. ADELAIDE. Start your journey to become a SUP Instructor this Nove... Read more

Take the next step in your surfing instructor career! Enrol in the Level 2 Surfing Instructor course, Pembrokeshire.
Posted date: 01-October-2020

UK. WALES. PEMBROKESHIRE. Go the next step in your surfing instructor career and... Read more


You are what you eat.
Posted date: 12-August-2019

It’s well known in this age of Science and Sport being inextricable, that ... Read more

Education Secretary calls for children to spend summer outdoors
Posted date: 29-July-2019

UK. Summer is here and Education Secretary, Damian Hinds launches #SummerOutdoor... Read more

Posted date: 19-July-2019

Unfortunately, the down side of spending a lot of time in Cold water or being ex... Read more

Nature Outdoors is Good for our Health
Posted date: 04-July-2019

Spending at least two hours a week in nature may be a crucial threshold for pr... Read more


This is What We Love About SUP!
Posted date: 02-October-2020

Photo Credit: Yellow Belly SUP This is what we love about SUP, when you have ... Read more

Cornwall leading the way in recycling surf gear
Posted date: 17-September-2019

UK. CORNWALL, HAYLE.  Recycle your surf gear.  Krog Den Surf Shop is p... Read more

One of the leading UK supermarkets has pledged to reduce their plastic use by 50%
Posted date: 16-September-2019

UK. One of the leading UK supermarkets has pledged to reduce their plastic use b... Read more

Sand Dunes and the Importance of Protecting Them
Posted date: 05-July-2019

Take a walk over any beach or coastal area and you will generally find sand dune... Read more

Regulation & Research

Research Report: A Biomechanical Analysis of The Stand-Up Paddle Board Stroke: A Comparative Study
Posted date: 14-September-2020

A biomechanical analysis of the stand-up paddle board stroke report was released... Read more

Stand Up Paddle Bully Gets Five Years in Jail for Assault. USA
Posted date: 21-June-2019

A stand-up paddleboarder who bashed the head of a surfer in the ocean with a pad... Read more

Silicon Valley Billionaire's Effort to Keep Surfers Off Beach Is a Total Wipeout
Posted date: 18-January-2019

USA:  Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla, property sits on Martins Be... Read more

Message from Secretary of Tourism Philippines to ASIP
Posted date: 14-August-2018

PHILIPPINES. Our hardworking Secretary of Tourism Berna Romulo Puyat took time t... Read more


Australian Bushfires – We’re Open For Business
Posted date: 11-February-2020

AUSTRALIA.  Help our Surf and SUP schools to rebuild. Feb 2020.  Get t... Read more

Central SUP paddle to raise money for the RNLI
Posted date: 24-July-2019

UK, ENGLAND. The Central SUP Crew smashed it!!!! 58k paddled and a load of money... Read more

Keep our River Clean, Perth Australia
Posted date: 07-June-2019

AUSTRALIA. PERTH. ASI accredited 'SUP school SUP Tonic Australia is holdin... Read more

Save the Bight - The Fight Against Oil Threats in the Ocean in Australia
Posted date: 07-May-2019

SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  The “Save the Bight” campaign is gathering mo... Read more

Other Events and Conferences

What a great day out at the Big Paddle SUP Festival
Posted date: 05-August-2019

UK. ENGLAND.  YORKSHIRE.  What a great day out at the Big Paddle SUP F... Read more

Heavy Water Film Viewing. Sydney Australia
Posted date: 17-June-2019

AUSTRALIA. SYDNEY. HEAVY WATER follows big wave surfer Nathan Fletcher through t... Read more

Beach Yoga Fest, Bournemouth England UK, 21-23 June 2019
Posted date: 11-June-2019

UK, ENGLAND, BOURNEMOUTH. Zoe Lee, ASI SUP Yoga Instructor and Trainer of ASI SU... Read more

The Big Paddle SUP Festival, Yorkshire UK
Posted date: 05-June-2019

UK. Yorkshire. ASI accredited SUP school Valley Adventures will be running their... Read more

Competition Events

The Battle for SUP - Canoe vs Surfing – and the Winner is???
Posted date: 18-August-2020

The International Surfing Association (ISA) wanted control, to be the only organ... Read more

Its rescheduled - the Bucca Kri Race on 26 Sept 2020, Carbis Bay UK
Posted date: 16-May-2020

UK. The Bucca Kri is a 55km stage race for  along the south west peninsula ... Read more

British University & Colleges Sport: National Surfing Championships
Posted date: 30-October-2019

UK. ENGLAND. CORNWALL. ASI decided to drop in and check out the scene at annual ... Read more

IRISHSUP SURF CLASSIC 2019 September 28th & 29th
Posted date: 02-October-2019

IRELAND. CO MAYO. ACHILL ISLAND. Last weekend (28-29 September 2019) saw the IRI... Read more

Product Reviews

High Noon Zinc – Keeping us Sun Safe
Posted date: 07-October-2019

Tim Maulder, an Australian full time lifeguard, and previous surfing instructor ... Read more

Surfing With Environmentally Friendly Fins
Posted date: 30-August-2019

With the vast amount of chemicals and plastic used in the world, we at ASI love ... Read more

GPS bracelet designed by Philippe Starck aims to save lives at sea
Posted date: 28-August-2019

PRODUCT REVIEW:  ASI SUP and Surfing Instructor Olivia Piana has been using... Read more

PRODUCT REVIEW - Saturn extra heavy-duty Pro Angler inflatable fishing paddle board
Posted date: 01-August-2019

The ultimate weekend warrior SUP, for the Stand up paddle boarder the needs that... Read more