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ASI SUP Level 1 and Water Safety Rescue Course held at Albany, London - May 2019
Posted date: 20-May-2019

UK.LONDON. Kingston upon Thames on the River Thames between Kingston Bridge and ... Read more

ASI SUP Level 1 & WSR Course held at Roadford Lake, Devon UK - April 2019
Posted date: 20-May-2019

UK. DEVON. Roadford Lake, the venue for our ASI SUP Level 1(Fast Track) and Wate... Read more

ASI SUP Level 1 & WSR Courses held at Norfolk Broads England UK - May 2019
Posted date: 20-May-2019

UK. NORFOLK. Hickling - a lovely Broadland village, close to the sea and split i... Read more

ASI SUP Instructor Courses held at Dublin, Ireland, April 2019
Posted date: 15-May-2019

IRELAND. DUBLIN. The Beautiful seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, located just south... Read more

Surfing Articles

The Dropping in Rule – Keeping Surfers Safe
Posted date: 18-January-2019

They one major rule in surfing is abiding by the Dropping In rule.  If you ... Read more

Surfing Technique: How to Perform a Bottom Turn
Posted date: 19-September-2018

The bottom turn is performed at the trough or “bottom” of the wave.&... Read more

Surfing Manoeuvre: The Floater
Posted date: 07-June-2018

A floater is an advanced level manoeuvre.   It is when you turn up on ... Read more

Surfing for the Ages
Posted date: 15-December-2017

Surfing is accessible for all ages, from the very young to the more mature. H... Read more

Stand Up Paddle Articles

SUP - Paddle Correctly and Safely with ASI Methodology
Posted date: 13-September-2019

Identify how to stand up paddle correctly and safely with ASI methodology and th... Read more

Stand Up Paddling in Winter is a Great Experience
Posted date: 01-March-2019

ASI SUP Trainer, Paul Byrne lives in Dublin Ireland and tells us what he likes a... Read more

SUP Polo – a Team Sport, Great Workout and Oodles of Fun!
Posted date: 05-July-2018

At ASI we are always amazed at how versatile SUP can be. From SUP touring to SUP... Read more

SUP Fitness Fun On The Water
Posted date: 03-May-2018

SUP Fitness is a new way to get fit with a stand up paddleboard. But what is it?... Read more

Bodyboarding Articles

5 Reasons to Learn to Bodyboard with ASI
Posted date: 23-August-2018

Bodyboarding is an extremely accessible sport to learn. So long as you can swi... Read more

Jobs / Businesses for Sale

WANTED - ASI Level 2 SUP Instructor, Algarve, Portugal, Summer 2019
Posted date: 16-May-2019

PORTUGAL. ALGARVE.  WANTED - ASI Level 2 SUP Instructor wanted to work th... Read more

Wanted: Surfing Instructor to work in Port Stephens, NSW Australia
Posted date: 20-April-2019

AUSTRALIA.  PORT STEPHENS.  ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor wanted to w... Read more

WANTED Surfing Instructors. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia
Posted date: 14-April-2019

AUSTRALIA. VICTORIA.   ASI Surfing instructors wanted for casual work ... Read more

Wanted Surfing Instructor, Agnes Waters, Qld, Australia
Posted date: 23-March-2019

AUSTRALIA. QLD.  We’re looking for an ASI instructor to join our team... Read more

ASI People

Congratulations ASI Trainer, Mary Robinson 1st Adler Race, California USA
Posted date: 21-March-2019

USA, CALIFORNIA.  Congratulations ASI Trainer, Mary Robinson places 1st in ... Read more

Profile on ASI Master Surfing Coach Jeremy ‘Jez’ Browning
Posted date: 16-November-2018

EUROPE:  Jez Browning is an ASI Level 4 Master Surfing coach.  He had ... Read more

A New Life Around SUP
Posted date: 13-November-2018

LUXEMBURG-GREECE.  Frederic Belle, from Luxemburg is organising his life ar... Read more

ASI SUP School, wins Best Rural Tourism Business in the UK
Posted date: 26-October-2018

UK. Congratulations to Norfolk Outdoor Adventures who have won Best Rural Touris... Read more

Travel Destinations

Surf Away holiday to Bali, Indonesia with Santai Surf School
Posted date: 18-March-2019

Bali is a favourite tourist destination.  With its warm weather, surf cultu... Read more

SUP & Yoga Retreat, Sri Lanka 5-12 March 2019
Posted date: 07-February-2019

SRI LANKA.   Join ASI SUP Yoga teacher, Zoe Lee in Sri Lanka for a wee... Read more

Yonder - Surf Holiday Just For Girls In North East England UK
Posted date: 13-January-2019

UK.  TYNEMOUTH. In the north east of England you will find some beautiful c... Read more

Surf Away Holiday to Gwithian Cornwall England UK
Posted date: 21-November-2018

UK, ENGLAND, CORNWALL, GWITHIAN.    Have a surf away holiday, wit... Read more


Enrol ASI SUP Instructor courses, East Lothian, Scotland May 2019
Posted date: 15-May-2019

UK. SCOTLAND. EAST LOTHIAN. Enrol for ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor courses sch... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor courses, Netherlands, May 2019
Posted date: 14-May-2019

NETHERLANDS HAARLEM. Enrol for ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor courses scheduled ... Read more

Enrol ASI Level 3 SUP Instructor (Downwind & Distance Paddling) course, Cornwall UK, May 2019
Posted date: 14-May-2019

UK. ENGLAND, CORNWALL. CARBIS BAY. Enrol for the ASI Level 3 SUP Instructor (Dow... Read more

ENROL ASI SUP Instructor courses, Espoo Finland, May 2019
Posted date: 13-May-2019

FINLAND, ESPOO.. Enrol for ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor courses scheduled on 2... Read more


Tide's out, school's in: the many benefits of beach teaching
Posted date: 10-January-2019

UK, ENGLAND. Getting kids to the beach is making an amazing difference to their ... Read more

Hawaii Bans Sunscreen. Is Sunscreen Also Toxic To Humans ?
Posted date: 26-July-2018

Hawaii has passed a bill banning sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate... Read more

Paddleboarders stand up to raise awareness about suicide around New Norfolk, Tasmania Australia
Posted date: 25-April-2018

Awareness about Suicide fundraiser using SUP activities was organised by ASI SUP... Read more

How Surfing Mental Therapy is providing Amazing Results
Posted date: 21-April-2018

AUSTRALIA. SYDNEY.  Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation, an Australian based... Read more


Posted date: 07-May-2019

SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  The “Save the Bight” campaign is gathering mo... Read more

Bali Bans Single Use Plastic Bags from 1 January 2019
Posted date: 21-January-2019

INDONESIA, BALI.    It’s one of the best surfing destinatio... Read more

Shocking Red Tide of Algae hits ASI Schools on Florida’s Gulf Coast. USA
Posted date: 26-September-2018

USA.  Florida has been hit by an unusually persistent toxic red tide of alg... Read more

Does the moon and tides affect volcanic/earthquake acivity?
Posted date: 28-January-2018

The recent increased earthquake and volcanic activity could be related to the mo... Read more


Silicon Valley Billionaire's Effort to Keep Surfers Off Beach Is a Total Wipeout
Posted date: 18-January-2019

USA:  Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla, property sits on Martins Be... Read more

Message from Secretary of Tourism Philippines to ASIP
Posted date: 14-August-2018

PHILIPPINES. Our hardworking Secretary of Tourism Berna Romulo Puyat took time t... Read more

Wollongong Council, Australia Issues New Surf School Permits
Posted date: 18-December-2017

Surf School permits in Wollongong, NSW Australia recently went to tender with pe... Read more

Philippines Tourism Promotes ‘Surfing’ As Major Tourism Product
Posted date: 09-August-2016

Philippines Tourism is partnering with ASI to implement “Surfing” as... Read more


Join the Santa Paddle Fundraising for Queenscourt Hospice, England UK. Dec 2018
Posted date: 12-December-2018

UK, ENGLAND SOUTHPORT. Join the Santa Paddle with SUP North and ASI accredited S... Read more

Enrol for the Santa Paddle Fundraising, Sussex Inlet NSW Australia on Dec 2018
Posted date: 03-December-2018

AUSTRALIA NSW. On Saturday 8 December 2018, Sussex Inlet Stand Up Paddle, an ASI... Read more

Paddle to Raise Funds for Brain Tumour Research, England UK Nov 2018
Posted date: 29-November-2018

ENGLAND UK.   An epic 52 km paddle from St Ives to Mother Ivy’s ... Read more

Stand Up for Prostrate Cancer, Fundraiser Adelaide Australia 2 Dec 2018
Posted date: 28-November-2018

AUSTRALIA. ADELAIDE. Stand Up Paddle SA, an ASI Accredited SUP school, is helpin... Read more

Other Events and Conferences

Irish Adventure Film Festival and Tour. March 2019
Posted date: 10-January-2019

IRELAND. THE 2019 IRISH ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL takes place from Saturday March ... Read more

Enrol for Girls Surf Day, Wollongong Australia December 2018
Posted date: 19-October-2018

AUSTRALIA.   The annual Girls Surf Day is being held at Wollongong Aus... Read more

INVITATION - to AIR (ASI Instructor Retreat) 20-21 Oct, 2018 Aughris Head Co. Sligo, Ireland
Posted date: 21-September-2018

Networking and professional development for ASI Instructors    I... Read more

Competition Events

The Taiwan Paddle Games – SUP Competition and Festival – May 2019
Posted date: 10-April-2019

TAIWAN.  The Taiwan Paddle Games is on 4-5 May 2019 at Jinshan Beach (only ... Read more

THE MERIMBULA CLASSIC, Merimbula Australia, November 2018
Posted date: 19-October-2018

AUSTRALIA.  Merimbula. The 38th Merimbula Classic, will be held on 22 - 25 ... Read more

The Scotts Head Paddle Games June 2018, NSW Australia
Posted date: 08-August-2018

The Scotts Head Paddle Games is one of the most popular events on the SUP calend... Read more

The Annual Pines Surfing Competition Crowns Junior Surfers
Posted date: 27-May-2018

AUSTRALIA, NSW.  ASI Accredited Surf School, Pines Surfing Academy, held th... Read more

Product Reviews

BIC Boards – Surf and SUP
Posted date: 12-July-2018

Peter Durham Category Manager of BIC SUP How do BIC Sport manage to keep the... Read more

A Versatile Deck Bag for your SUP Adventures
Posted date: 24-June-2018

Red have designed a Deck Bag to place on your SUP Board.   It’s ... Read more

Waterproof protection for your valuables while out Paddling
Posted date: 18-May-2018

While out on the water, be it on board a SUP or surfboard, what do you do with t... Read more

Why Use Rail Tape on SUP boards?
Posted date: 25-June-2017

New products in the SUP world tend to get shared and trialled and banded about. ... Read more