Surfing Education

Your First Wave
Posted date: 05-July-2019

Paddle, paddle, push up with your arms, snap to your feet, you’re up! The ... Read more

Choose a Landmark
Posted date: 02-July-2019

Your ability to choose the right place to take-off will greatly assist in whethe... Read more

Surfing for the Ages
Posted date: 01-July-2019

Surfing is accessible for all ages, from the very young to the more mature. H... Read more

Surfing - The Jump Up
Posted date: 27-June-2019

This video shows how to make the transition from lying on the board to stan... Read more

Stand Up Paddle Education

SUP TIP - Momentum is your friend!
Posted date: 12-July-2019

Standing up on the SUP board can be difficult for beginners. This is where momen... Read more

SUP - Paddle Correctly and Safely with ASI Methodology
Posted date: 21-June-2019

Identify how to stand up paddle correctly and safely with ASI methodology and th... Read more

SUP - Paddling on Knees
Posted date: 17-June-2019

Paddling on knees is used to make the transition to standing. It is also used in... Read more

SUP - The Pivot Turn
Posted date: 06-June-2019

Pivot Turns are a fast and efficient way of turning up to 180 degrees or more. T... Read more

Bodyboarding Education

How to Perform a Cutback on a Bodyboard
Posted date: 04-July-2019

Taking off Once you’ve negotiated the take off and successfully bottom tu... Read more

How To Duck Dive A Bodyboard
Posted date: 01-July-2019

If an oncoming wave is about to break on top of you, then a duck dive is require... Read more

Bodyboarding Safety
Posted date: 27-June-2019

#Bodyboarding Safety is ASI’s number one priority. Many of you will be ... Read more

5 Reasons to Learn to Bodyboard with ASI
Posted date: 23-August-2018

Bodyboarding is an extremely accessible sport to learn. So long as you can swi... Read more

ASI Promo

It’s Much More When You Become an ASI Instructor
Posted date: 23-June-2019

Becoming an ASI instructor is more than just learning the skills to the highest ... Read more

10 Reasons to train as a SUP instructor
Posted date: 15-July-2017

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing water sport. Why? It’s e... Read more

ASI News Blog

ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor Course held at Sagres, Portugal. July 2019
Posted date: 18-July-2019

PORTUGAL. ALGARVE. SAGRES.  ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor course and Surf ... Read more

Welcome Soul Kite, Bicton Perth, Western Australia.
Posted date: 18-July-2019

AUSTRALIA. PERTH. BICTON.  Welcome to Soul Kite who have renewed their ASI ... Read more

Welcome Inchydoney Surf School, West Cork, Ireland
Posted date: 17-July-2019

IRELAND. WEST CORK.   Welcome to Inchydoney Surf School who have renew... Read more

Welcome Suffolk SUP, England. UK
Posted date: 15-July-2019

UK. ENGLAND. ESSEX   Welcome to Suffolk SUP who have renewed their ASI... Read more

Jobs / Businesses for Sale

JOB VACANCY – Surf Instructor
Posted date: 15-July-2019

AUSTRALIA. GOLD COAST.  WANTED ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor for ASI accre... Read more

Wanted: ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor, Foz do Arelho, Portugal
Posted date: 05-July-2019

PORTUGAL.  WANTED ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor for work at Foz do Arelho ... Read more

Wanted: ASI accredited Surfing instructor to manage the team, Lombok Indonesia
Posted date: 27-June-2019

INDONESIA. Wanted ASI accredited instructor to manage the team at this amazing s... Read more

Wanted. ASI L1 SUP Instructors Work In London
Posted date: 27-June-2019

UK. LONDON. WANTED:  ASI Level 1 SUP Instructors (Enclosed Flat Waters).&nb... Read more

ASI People

ASI Instructor Profile – Jennifer Greenlees
Posted date: 17-July-2019

Jennifer Greenlees  is a certified ASI SUP L1, L2, L3 Surf, SUP Yoga Instru... Read more

ASI Instructor Profile – Stevie Boyle
Posted date: 28-June-2019

Scotland’s Finest, like the whisky, matured to perfection - Stevie Boyle, ... Read more

Congratulations to ASI trainer for coming 2nd -GBSUP National Series. June 2019
Posted date: 24-June-2019

UK. POOLE. Congratulations to ASI trainer and accredited SUP owner Glenn Eldri... Read more

Congratulations to ASI SUP Trainer Rebecca Dunning. Australia
Posted date: 17-June-2019

AUSTRALIA. Congratulations to Rebecca Dunning, ASI SUP Trainer and accredited ... Read more

Travel Destinations

SUP Away Holiday - Tamworth England UK
Posted date: 11-July-2019

The Midlands in central UK may not be somewhere you consider when thinking about... Read more

An ASI SUP Away holiday to the Loosdrecht, The Netherlands
Posted date: 05-July-2019

Paddle along calm lakes and waterways, take in the beautiful local nature and wi... Read more

A SUP Away Holiday of a Lifetime in Doha
Posted date: 01-July-2019

QATAR. DOHA. PEARL QATAR. The city of Doha is an up and coming SUP tourism desti... Read more

SUP Away Holiday To East Hamptons, NY USA
Posted date: 11-June-2019

East Hamptons, a play ground for the Rich and famous is on Long Island. Learn ... Read more


Enrol for ASI Level 1 Surfing Instructor Course, Legian Bali Indonesia, August 2019
Posted date: 11-July-2019

INDONESIA. BALI. LEGIAN. Enrol for the 2-day ASI Level 1 Surfing instructor cour... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor courses August 2019 Gold Coast, QLD Australia
Posted date: 09-July-2019

AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND, GOLD COAST. Enrol for ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor cour... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor courses August 2019, Kalajoki Finland
Posted date: 05-July-2019

FINLAND, KALAJOKI.. Enrol for ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor courses scheduled o... Read more

Enrol ASI SUP Instructor courses Tamworth England UK, August 2019
Posted date: 05-July-2019

UK. ENGLAND.  MIDLANDS. Enrol for ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor courses sc... Read more


Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke
Posted date: 15-July-2019

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur when you are surfing, in the hot sun a... Read more

Nature Outdoors is Good for our Health
Posted date: 04-July-2019

Spending at least two hours a week in nature may be a crucial threshold for pr... Read more

Why Zinc is One of the Best Natural Sunscreens
Posted date: 03-July-2019

It’s always difficult to find really great sunscreen that isn’t harm... Read more

Tide's out, school's in: the many benefits of beach teaching
Posted date: 10-January-2019

UK, ENGLAND. Getting kids to the beach is making an amazing difference to their ... Read more


Sand Dunes and the Importance of Protecting Them
Posted date: 05-July-2019

Take a walk over any beach or coastal area and you will generally find sand dune... Read more

Whales & Dolphins Stand Up Paddle & Surfing Safety Tips
Posted date: 03-July-2019

Sharing the ocean with whales and dolphins is one of the many joys of surfing an... Read more

Bali Bans Single Use Plastic Bags
Posted date: 21-January-2019

INDONESIA, BALI.    It’s one of the best surfing destinatio... Read more

Shocking Red Tide of Algae hits ASI Schools on Florida’s Gulf Coast. USA
Posted date: 26-September-2018

USA.  Florida has been hit by an unusually persistent toxic red tide of alg... Read more


Stand Up Paddle Bully Gets Five Years in Jail for Assault. USA
Posted date: 21-June-2019

A stand-up paddleboarder who bashed the head of a surfer in the ocean with a pad... Read more

Silicon Valley Billionaire's Effort to Keep Surfers Off Beach Is a Total Wipeout
Posted date: 18-January-2019

USA:  Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla, property sits on Martins Be... Read more

Message from Secretary of Tourism Philippines to ASIP
Posted date: 14-August-2018

PHILIPPINES. Our hardworking Secretary of Tourism Berna Romulo Puyat took time t... Read more

Wollongong Council, Australia Issues New Surf School Permits
Posted date: 18-December-2017

Surf School permits in Wollongong, NSW Australia recently went to tender with pe... Read more


Keep our River Clean, Perth Australia
Posted date: 07-June-2019

AUSTRALIA. PERTH. ASI accredited 'SUP school SUP Tonic Australia is holdin... Read more

Save the Bight - The Fight Against Oil Threats in the Ocean in Australia
Posted date: 07-May-2019

SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  The “Save the Bight” campaign is gathering mo... Read more

Join the Santa Paddle Fundraising for Queenscourt Hospice, England UK. Dec 2018
Posted date: 12-December-2018

UK, ENGLAND SOUTHPORT. Join the Santa Paddle with SUP North and ASI accredited S... Read more

Enrol for the Santa Paddle Fundraising, Sussex Inlet NSW Australia on Dec 2018
Posted date: 03-December-2018

AUSTRALIA NSW. On Saturday 8 December 2018, Sussex Inlet Stand Up Paddle, an ASI... Read more

Other Events and Conferences

AIR - ASI Instructor Retreat – Sagres Portugal Nov 2019
Posted date: 04-July-2019

Networking and professional development for ASI Instructors on Sat-Sun. 9-10 Nov... Read more

AIR - ASI Instructor Retreat – Bondi Australia Sept 2019
Posted date: 04-July-2019

Networking and professional development for ASI Instructors on Sat-Sun. 14-15 ... Read more

Heavy Water Film Viewing. Sydney Australia
Posted date: 17-June-2019

AUSTRALIA. SYDNEY. HEAVY WATER follows big wave surfer Nathan Fletcher through t... Read more

Beach Yoga Fest, Bournemouth England UK, 21-23 June 2019
Posted date: 11-June-2019

UK, ENGLAND, BOURNEMOUTH. Zoe Lee, ASI SUP Yoga Instructor and Trainer of ASI SU... Read more

Competition Events

St. Ives Celtic Cup
Posted date: 10-July-2019

A great event last weekend in the beautiful location of Carbis Bay - St. Ives Ce... Read more

Philippine Deep Paddle Games. 25-26 June 2019
Posted date: 01-July-2019

PHILIPPINES: Last weekend saw the 2nd Annual Philippine Deep Paddle Games June... Read more

St. Ives Bay Celtic Cup 2019. Cornwall England UK. 6-7 July
Posted date: 21-June-2019

UK. ENGLAND, CORNWALL. Only two weeks to go till the St. Ives Bay Celtic Cup 201... Read more

Run and Swim event on Crantock beach, Cornwall UK
Posted date: 16-June-2019

UK. CORNWALL. CRANTOCK What an epic day today 15th June at the Crantock Biathlon... Read more

Product Reviews

Balance Training
Posted date: 12-July-2019

The fitter and stronger you are will allow you to perform more powerful maneuver... Read more

Shoal Inflatable Floating Raft Tent
Posted date: 02-July-2019

A day out supping doesn’t have to finish at the end of the day, take your ... Read more

BIC Boards – Surf and SUP
Posted date: 12-July-2018

Peter Durham Category Manager of BIC SUP How do BIC Sport manage to keep the... Read more

A Versatile Deck Bag for your SUP Adventures
Posted date: 24-June-2018

Red have designed a Deck Bag to place on your SUP Board.   It’s ... Read more