Tube Riding

Posted date: 01-May-2020

 Typically called in the Green Room.   Life turns to slow motion. A few seconds seems much longer.  

The wave is a force of nature, and you’ve timed yourself just right to get slotted inside the wave.  

You’ve got tubed.  Its exhilaration.  It’s the ultimate goal for any surfer. 

Setting Yourself Up for a Tube

When the waves are tubing, try to set yourself up so you are in position where the wave tubes.

A fade can be used to set yourself up for a tube.  You see the wave building further down the line in front. You then fade down into the pit of the curl, as the wave is building up and pitching over.  Straighten up and let the wave throw over you.  (shack time!)

When you take-off from the backdoor side of a building swell, you can sometimes do a fading cutback off the wave as it begins to stand up in front of you.  Then as you do your bottom turn, you should be set for the barrel.    

Other times you might need to do a quick stall or snap (depending on the wave) to set yourself up for the tube.

Performing a Tube Ride

Step One

Drop down.  Pull in.

Step Two

Adjust your line.  Watch the lip and wave form ahead of you.

Step Three

Crouch if the tube becomes smaller.  Focus on the opening of the tube and the wave face ahead.

Step Four

Re-adjust your line to stay up high on the wave face inside the tube.

Step Five

Out!   Onto the open wave face again, ready for your next turn.


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