Australian Bushfires – We’re Open For Business

Posted date: 11-February-2020

AUSTRALIA.  Help our Surf and SUP schools to rebuild. Feb 2020.  Get the message out. The fires have passed and we’re open for business.   Some of bush may be a little charred, but Aussie trees are tough, built to stand the fires and the rains have brought green and new life.  The kookaburra’s are singing and the kangaroos are bouncing around.  The inland waterways and beaches are just as beautiful as ever. 

This is the south coast of Sydney NSW, the area that was hardest hit by the fires. 

The fires had been burning outback for months Sept 2019, mostly in sparsely populated areas.  But just before Christmas the fires hit the south coast (south of Sydney).  It’s a major holiday and tourist destination.  It was also the busy January summer holiday period, a time when local businesses make money to get them through the year.  It was like whole of Cornwall in the UK being hit, small villages and business, caravan parks and full of holidaymakers. 

All holidaymakers were ordered to leave, fires burned all around whilst our brave firefighters 
and locals battled against the elements. 

The fires are gone.  But the holiday period is over.  Surf and SUP Schools business income, along with other businesses in the area, was devastated.   

Help them get back on their feet.  Book in for a lesson, visit the local area.  Help get the message out, we’re open for business !

Towns and villages affected stretch the south coast from Sussex Inlet, Jervis Bay, Culburra, Batemans Bay, Broulee, Ulladulla, Bermagui, Mollymook, Burrill Lake, Merimbula to the border at Eden.   These are just a few of the town names, there are too many to list here. 

Photo from Sussex Inlet Stand Up Paddle School.  Located in the small village of Sussex Inlet, 3 hour drive south of Sydney.  Website:

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