Introducing ASI SUP Instructor – Tina Vella

Posted date: 01-May-2020

AUSTRALIA. CENTRAL COAST. Introducing ASI SUP Instructor Tina Vella based in Umina Beach, Central Coast NSW. Tina started SUP 7 years ago and has been hooked ever since.  After obtaining her SUP Level 1 and 2 qualifications, she went on to obtain her SUP Yoga qualification. She currently runs SUP Yoga classes at her local ASI school.

1.       What is your background?
I lived in Sydney most of my life and moved to the Central Coast NSW, Umina Beach.  I started SUP late in life as had a busy corporate job.   While living here on the coast I learnt to SUP, SUP Surf and practice SUP Yoga. 
2.       What got you involved in the sport?
Having moved to the closer to the beach about 7 years ago at my local beach I saw a rare sight, someone a SUP Board paddling out from the local surf club.  Didn’t know who it was but I thought – WOW! That looks like an awesome sport!   I wanted to give SUP a go, went on Gumtree and quickly purchased second-hand board.   It was a bit big for my mini convertible (it was 11 foot 10! ) but thought why not!  So, I purchased it.  I didn’t know how to SUP, I took myself out onto the water and had a go… I was hooked!
3.       Why did you become an ASI instructor?
 One year I had the summer off work and found myself on the ocean, a lot!  I would organise social paddles with other SUP locals having loads of fun.  I liked my coffee so wanted a cool job to pay for my coffee (oh and my instructors’ coffee) so I enrolled in an ASI Instructor course obtaining my Level 1 & 2 SUP Certificate.

Years past and I completed my Yoga Teaching 200 Hours Certificate and thought to myself, if I do anything with Yoga Teaching, I’ll take it to the water.  In 2017 I obtained my SUP Yoga Instructors Certificate and consider my journey for SUP is only starting now.

4.       What are you doing now?
 I am working at one of the local ASI SUP schools running SUP Yoga Classes, occasionally helping with SUP Instruction, SUP Ball and SUP events.
5.       What do you like about being an ASI instructor?
 I enjoy coaching, encouraging and teaching my students, passing on joy, excitement and the most fun a person can have on the water, whether on flat calm waters or in the ocean feeling the movement of the water under the board.  To see the twinkle in my student’s eye knowing they are hooked too.  This is what inspires me to teach.
6.       Tell us about funny or interesting or nice situation that has happened to you with instructing?
 Most situations are fabulous, just like the sport. I like to keep it simple and fun to build a SUP Community bringing people together, leading to friendship.  I've met some great people through SUPing at at Umina, Central Coast NSW.

Recently I volunteered my time to teach vision impaired kids how to SUP, practice SUP Yoga and general water confidence.  It was rewarding t see these kids confidence flourish.

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