ASI Bodyboarding Trainers

  • ASI Bodyboarding Trainers are authorised to train ASI bodyboarding instructors. Your ASI Trainer has a wealth of information, tips and techniques to pass onto new instructors.

  • We recruit the best trainers in the industry with high level skills, extensive experience in instruction and are bodyboarding school owners with years of hands operations experience.

  • ASI Trainers also travel to other countries to deliver workshops.

ASI Instructor Training Centres (ITC)

ASI Instructor Training Centres (ITCs) are ASI bodyboarding schools with ASI trainers. ITC’s are authorised to train and assess ASI bodyboarding instructors.
ITC’s are specially selected as they have demonstrated the highest of operational standards for safety, instructing and training.

Our bodyboard Trainers

Profile photo of ASI Trainer: Callum Morse
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Callum Morse

United Kingdom
ASI Bodyboarding Trainer for Level 1 Instructors.