How to Duck Dive in Surfing

Posted date: 04-May-2021

It is crucial to have good duck diving skills to get through the larger waves without being sucked back and in this article you will learn how to duck dive in surfing safely and effectively.

1.    Increase your speed

You may have to increase your paddling speed as you approach broken waves.  Paddling fast into the front of the wave and then duck diving at speed, will help you punch through that wave.  

The more speed you have as you go through the wave, the less you will get dragged back.   

If you feel yourself being sucked backwards by the wave, you can do a frog kick to help push you forward. Hold the front rails and let your pelvis and hips float free of the board in the wave.  At this point you can do the frog kick.     

Duck Diver Under Lip

2.    It’s all about timing

Avoid duck diving at the wrong time (impact zone).  You will get pushed down by the lip, into the reef, etc.  The best way to duck dive is to get in under the lip before it hits the water.

Sometimes, the wave will impact in front of you.  You will not have enough time to duck dive in and under the lip.  In these situations,  it is better to hold back a split second, let the wave impact the water in front of you, then do your duck dive.

The impacting lip will drive down into the water in front of you.    

Then, the main body and force of the wave will envelope and roll over you.

In this type of duck dive, it is best to have a quick look underwater to see where the main force of the wave is impacting so you can avoid it. 

Duck Dive After Lip Impacts

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