SUP Seal Encounter: Ireland's Eye

Posted: 7 February 2021


Ireland’s Eye is a remote and beautiful island just off the coast of County Dublin, Ireland. A popular tourist destination largely due to its rugged beauty and stunning wildlife, Ireland’s Eye is also completely uninhabited.

Amongst the unique flora and fauna, including guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, cormorants and even a few breeding pairs of puffins are an abundance of Grey seals. 

ASI SUP Instructor, Eoin Kernan got in touch with us to tell us about the amazing encounters he has with the grey seal population on his paddle trips around the island!

“I regularly take trips out to Ireland’s Eye, just north of Dublin City in Ireland. It is a top SUP destination with so much nature to experience and enjoy.

One of the best bits comes towards the end of the trip, when we reach Thula Rock, home to a colony and nursery of grey seals. 

Last weekend we counted 15 in the water and on the rocks, swimming alongside us and generally having fun. It is one of the most magical experiences! 

Especially when they pop up behind your board, let out a snort, and you think your board is deflating!”

Thanks so much for sharing that with us, Eoin :)

Find out more about the UK’s seal population, tips for e how you can help them and what to do if you encounter them whilst on / in  the water in our interview with the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

ASI is supporting the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and the great work they do for injured and abandoned seal pups. Send us your seal encounter stories if you want your very own, limited edition, Cornish Seal Sanctuary water bottle!

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