SUP Seal Encounter: Beau & Clare on The Isles of Scilly

Posted date: 10-February-2021

UK: ASI Seal Rescue Campaign Update.     Beau and Clare from Travel with a Paddle send us this story and video of their encounters with seals on the beautiful Isles of Scilly in Cornwall.

Beau and Clare run SUP experiences mixed with environmental education and are currently based in Cornwall, UK.

Clare Baranowski is a Marine Biologist and also an accredited ASI SUP instructor. Beau Nixon is a highly trained competitor and professional in the Stand Up Paddle and surfing world.

Together they run Travel With a Paddle, curating world class SUP adventure experiences blended with environmental education and guided wildlife experiences.

Beau sent us this mega video of a natural encounter they were able to capture on film while paddling in the Isles of Scilly in Cornwall

“The seals were so inquisitive and made their way over to check us out. We managed to slip into the water and capture some amazing videos of them!” He said.

Thanks Beau and Clare - amazing footage!

Stay tuned for our interview with Beau, taking a deep dive into his SUP experience and adventures coming soon!

Remember, should you come across seals it’s important to engage mindfully with the encounter. ASI SUP instructor and marine biologist, Alana Bonnick gives us this advice:

“Always keep 100 yards away from marine life as they are wild animals and therefore can be unpredictable. If humans get too close we can also cause large amounts of stress to the animal which in some cases can result in injury, so it is best to just keep your distance! It is fine if the animal's curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to venture closer, like I said, I've had some very close encounters! But it is just important that it is on their terms.”

Video: Isles of Scilly SUP and Seal Conservation

Find out more about the UK’s seal population,  how you can help them and what to do if you encounter them whilst out paddling in our interview with the Cornish Seal Sanctuary  

You can also donate to the Seal Sanctuary 

Send us your seal encounter stories if you want your very own, limited edition, Cornish Seal Sanctuary water bottle!

Don’t forget to follow our campaign #ASISealRescue and keep up to date with our campaign to support the Cornish Seal Sanctuary 


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