Hotdog The Seal Pup Released Back Into The Sea

Posted date: 11-February-2021

Prepare for the best thing you will see all day! The video below is the very moment that Hot dog the seal and all his pals were released back into the wild! 

Rescued seals are carefully monitored as part of their rehabilitation process and when they reach their target weight of 35-40kg they are considered ready for release back into their natural habitat.

Providing they are happy and healthy, it’s time for them to head out on their own. 

In this video you’ll see the Seal Sanctuary team getting all the pups ready to be transported to an undisclosed Cornish bay where they are set free. You can almost see the excitement in their cute faces as they start to sense that they are heading back to their wild home.

Alongside Hotdog are a few other pups that were being rehabilitated at the same time as him including; Nacho, Sprout, Pigs in Blanket, Haggis, Buffalo Wing, Bubble & Squeak, Guinness and Stuffing!  They were released at Gunwalloe, near Helston in Cornwall.   

We wish them all the best of luck on the next part of their adventure!

When pups are released from the sanctuary they are all tagged on their flippers so that they can be identified in the future should they get spotted out in the wild. The sanctuary is especially keen to know how their rescue pups are getting on in the world so if you spot one with a visible flipper tag get in touch and let them know!

Continued support for the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

The team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary have been wonderful, not just in the fabulous work they do in support of these beautiful animals but in keeping us engaged, involved and involved with Hotdog’s rehabilitation every step of the way, and what a perfectly happy ending and a positive story to start this year, especially during a time when a little good news goes a long way.

“Thank you so much again for your support, ensuring these pups could be rehabilitated, their injuries and ailments healed, so they can return to their natural habitat and thrive in the wild. It is thanks to you that this has all been possible.” Said the team at the CSS

We will, of course, continue to support the Sanctuary and continue to raise awareness of the great work they are doing.

Remember, should you come across seals it’s important to engage mindfully with the encounter. ASI instructor and marine biologist, Alana Bonnick (The Paddle Shack) gives us this advice:

“Always keep 100 yards away from marine life as they are wild animals and therefore can be unpredictable. If humans get too close we can also cause large amounts of stress to the animal which in some cases can result in injury, so it is best to just keep your distance! It is fine if the animal's curiosity gets the better of them and they decide to venture closer, like I said, I've had some very close encounters! But it is just important that it is on their terms.”

Find out more about the UK’s seal population,  how you can help them and what to do if you encounter them whilst out paddling in our interview with the Cornish Seal Sanctuary.

Don’t forget to follow our campaign #ASISealRescue and keep up to date with our campaign to support the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and send us your seal encounter stories if you want your very own, limited edition, Cornish Seal Sanctuary water bottle!

You can also donate to the Seal Sanctuary


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