Surf Wise Level 3 Beginner Surfer


Ride a broken or green wave on an angle (trimming) in surf up to 1 ½ ft.

ASI Level 3 Beginner Surfer is able to:

Surfing Environment:
  • Identify surfing hazards
  • Identify suitable weather conditions for surfing
  • Identify the types of waves suitable for surfing
  • Choose a safe surfing location
  • Identify how to look after the surfing environment

  • Ride a beginner softboard 
  • Choose a beginners surfboard
  • Wax, care, carry and store your board
  • Identify types of wetsuits and surf clothing, when to wear these

Surfing Skills: 
  • Choose a safe place to enter the water
  • Negotiate small waves using a variety of techniques
  • Paddle the board in trim
  • Turn the surfboard in a sitting position
  • Use safe wipe-out and dismount techniques
  • Identify correct surfing etiquette (drop in rule, snaking, good surfing ethics)

Surfing Manoeuvres:
  • Ride a broken or green wave on an angle (trimming) 
  • Perform small turns

Experience Surfing at:

  • beach breaks with sand bottom
  • surf 1 ½ ft
  • free from rips and hazards


Have Level 2 Beginner Surfer skills and competence.  

Skills Development 

From Level 2 Beginner Surfer, it takes approximately 10-20 hours to acquire Level 3 Beginner surfer skills.


ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners manual
ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners student workbook or logbook

Surf Wise Course - Level 3 module

5 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session)  + practice 
You must already be a competent Level 2 Beginner Surfer.
Learn how to trim on broken or green waves, perform small turns and correct surfing etiquette including the drop in rule.    
It will take approximately 10-20 hours of additional practice to learn these skills.
Resources:  ASI Learn to Surf Beginner Level Manual &  ASI Surf Wise Level Beginner Surfer Student Workbook or Logbook. 
Certificate Issue:  ASI Level 3 Beginner Surfer Participation Certificate.

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