Level 9 Advanced Level Surfer


Demonstrate ability to control the surfboard, with speed and power and link advanced level surfing manoeuvres in the critical part of the wave, in surf up to 6ft. 

ASI Level 9 Advanced Level Surfer is able to:

Surfing Environment: 

  • Predict surf conditions at different surf breaks taking - weather, tide, and land formations into consideration 
  • Identify hazards at surfing at the advanced level
  • Select a surfing location for the advanced level surfer


  • Identify the specifications to customise surfboards to suit your style and prevailing surf conditions

Surfing Skills: 

  • Negotiate advanced level waves
  • Identify different types of take-offs
  • Identify techniques to control the surfboard and set up for maneouvres

Perform Surfing Manoeuvres:

  • Fade
  • Stall
  • Roundhouse cut-back (forehand & backhand)
  • Snap (forehand & backhand)
  • Vertical re-entry (forehand & backhand)
  • Floater (forehand & backhand)
  • Late take-off
  • Tube ride
  • Backdoor tube
  • Linking manoeuvres with speed and power

Describe How to Perform Surfing Manoeuvres: 

  • Pigdog
  • Layback
  • 360 degree
  • Arial

Experience surfing at:

  • beach breaks
  • reef breaks
  • point breaks
  • river mouth breaks
  • surf up to 6 ft (2 metres)


Have Level 8 Advanced Surfer skills and competence.  

Skills Development 

From Level 8 Advanced Surfer, it takes approximately 270 - 540 hours to acquire Level 9 Advanced Surfer skills.

To progress from Intermediate (Level 6 Surfer) to Advanced (Level 9 Surfer), takes approximately 710-1,440 hours in total.


ASI Learn to Surf for Advanced Level manual
ASI Surf Wise Level 9 Learn to Surf Advanced Level Student Workbook
ASI Surf Wise Level 9 Learn to Surf Advanced Level Logbook

Surf Wise Course - Level 9 module only

8 sessions (1-2 hrs each session) + practice
You must already be a competent Level 8 Advanced Surfer.
Learn how to perform tube rides, backdoor tube rides and link manoeuvres with speed and power.  Describe how to perform a pigdog, layback, 360 degree and arial.
It will take approximately 270 - 540 hours of additional practice to learn these skills.
Resources:  ASI Learn to Surf Advanced Level Manual &  ASI Surf Wise Level 9 Learn to Surf Advanced Level Student Workbook or Logbook. 
Certificate Issue:  ASI Advanced Surfer Level 9 Participation Certificate.

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Roundhouse Cutback

Vertical Re-entry 


Tube Ride