Level 10 Elite-Advanced Level Surfer


Elite-advanced surfers are the most experienced surfers with high surfing ability, in 6ft plus waves, and experienced surfing at different breaks around the world.  

ASI Level 10 Advanced Level Surfer is able to:

Surfing Skills:

  • Source, read and interpret a variety of meteorological data.
  • Predict surf conditions at different surf breaks based on weather, tide, and land formations.
  • Choose surfing locations for the elite-advanced surfer.
  • Demonstrate correct way to enter and exit waters.
  • Describe surf safety issues for the elite-advanced surfer.
  • Ride the wave correctly utilising all surfing manoeuvres as appropriate to the wave

Perform Surfing Manoeuvres:

  • Fade
  • Stall
  • Roundhouse cut-back (forehand & backhand)
  • Snap (forehand & backhand)
  • Vertical re-entry (forehand & backhand)
  • Floater (forehand & backhand)
  • Late take-off
  • Tube ride
  • Backdoor tube
  • Pigdog
  • Layback
  • Linking manoeuvres with speed and power

Describe How to Perform Surfing Manoeuvres: 

  • 360 degree
  • Arial

Experience surfing at:

  • beach breaks
  • reef breaks
  • point breaks
  • river mouth breaks
  • surf up to 6 ft (2 metres)


Have Level 9 Advanced Surfer skills and competence.  

Skills Development 

From Level 9 Advanced Surfer, it takes approximately 250 -500 hours to acquire Level 9 Advanced Surfer skills.


ASI Learn to Surf for Advanced Level manual
ASI Surf Wise Level 10 Learn to Surf Advanced Level Student Workbook
ASI Surf Wise Level 10 Learn to Surf Advanced Level Logbook

Surf Wise Course - Level 9 module

8 sessions (2 hrs each session) + practice
You must already be a competent Level 9 Advanced Surfer.
Gain experience surfing in surf over 6ft, at various locations around the world.
It will take approximately 250 -500 hours of additional practice to learn these skills.
Resources:  ASI Learn to Surf Advanced Level Manual &  ASI Surf Wise Level 10 Learn to Surf Advanced Level Student Workbook or Logbook. 
Certificate Issue:  ASI Advanced Surfer Level 10 Participation Certificate.

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