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ASI has an office in Portugal.  More info contact:
For some sports  in Portugal, you should obtain a Titulo Profissional de Trienador de Desporto (TPTD) certificate to work as an instructor.  The TPTD certificate is issued by the IPDJ (Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude).  
A TPTD certificate has been created for Surfing Instructors.  It is specifically for instructors who can surf and will be teaching surfing lessons. The TPTD certificate is called:  “Treinador De Desporto Surfing Grau I"
To obtain your TPTD certificate, you must first complete a training course with a training provider that has been approved by the IPDJ.  
The Training course format is determined by the IPDJ and must contain: General component (41 hours), Specific competent (42 hours) and an Internship (550 hours - 120 contact hours).
After the General and Specific training, you are ready to complete your Internship.  Some schools offer paid internship and others offer you the chance to gain experience with them.
When the internship training is completed and you have been issued your ASI Diploma, you apply to the IPDJ to obtain your TPTD certificate. You do this through the IPDJ platform PRODesporto.
The TPTD certificate is valid for 5 years.  To renew, the surfing instructor must complete 50 hours of training at "short courses" approved by the IPDJ.  
The Process
  • Enrol into course: Treinadores de Surfing Grau 1
  • Complete the training theory and practical online learning and attend workshop
  • Start your internship and receive the internship certificate  (to allow you to do paid work)
  • Finish the course and receive:  ASI Diploma de Qualificacao Treinador Surf Grau 1  
  • Submit your ASI Diploma to IPDJ to obtain:  IPDJ Treinador De Desporto Surfing Grau I

ASI is IPDJ Approved
ASI is an IPDJ Approved Training Provider and delivers courses according to the IPDJ format. 
The ASI IPDJ approved surfing instructor course is called "Treinadores de Surfing Grau 1"
• General component:  online learning – 41 hours
• Specific component:  6 days of workshops, 9am to 6pm each day (42 hours)
• Internship:  550 hours  (including 120 contact hours)
Participants who complete this course will receive:
• ASI Diploma de Qualificacao Treinador Surf Grau 1  (IPDJ approved, does not expire)
Participant can also apply for: 
•ASI Surf Water Safety Rescue Award (valid for 2 years) - after submitting a current first aid certificate (no fees apply)
•ASI Level l Surfing Instructor certificate - international standard  - after submitting a current first aid certificate and ability to surf at the ASI Level 6 Intermediate level. (extra fees apply). 

IPDJ Short courses 

ASI will also be offering "short courses" approved by the IPDJ.  

ASI International Surfing Instructor Courses

ASI continues to deliver the ASI International Surfing Instructor courses in Portugal.  Portugal it is a great location to visit and complete surfing instructor training.  Many people from other countries want to obtain their ASI International Surfing instructor certificate. 

What is the difference between the two ASI qualifications?

1) ASI International Level 1 Surfing instructor

  • International qualification
  • Intensive training - 2 days workshop.
  • Must be experienced surfers with minimum intermediate level surfing ability and perform bottom turn, top turn and cutback before enrolling.
  • Provide a surf rescue and first aid certificate.
  • Complete 25 hours experience after you have demonstrated surfing ability and completed all course requirements.

2) ASI Treinadores de Surfing Grau 1
The course requirements have been determined by the IPDJ government department.  (ASI must deliver the training according to the IPDJ guidelines).

Required by some government authorities so you can work in Portugal.

  • Portugal only
  • Has basic e-learning sports coaching training (41 hours)
  • 6 days of workshops includes extra subjects such as surf rescue, working with disabled, surf judging, extra practice delivering surfing sessions.  Try out longboarding, SUP, bodyboarding, skimboarding.
  • 550 hours internship (120 contact hours)
  • Basic surfing ability.  Able to trim left and right on waves with confidence. 

Can I do the ASI International qualification now and later get a study credit for the ASI Treinadores de Surfing Grau 1?

No.  You will need to complete all the training for the Treinadores de Surfing Grau 1”  – e-learning, workshops and internship.

There is no recognition for your previous ASI international training.   However, you will pay a reduced course fee.

Course Questions - Treinadores de Surfing Grau 1

a) Can I pay the Reduced Fee?
If you are an ASI instructor, you only pay the reduced fee.  This applies to:
  • ASI Instructors whose qualification is current (not expired).  If it has expired, you can renew online under your member account.   To renew, login here    Renewal FAQ’s
  • If you enrolled in the previous 12 months and have not yet been issued your ASI qualification   


More Information

PRODesporto Platform

Portugal Laws  Website information
According to Law No. 40/2012 of 28 August, “the activity of sport coaching comprises the training and competitive orientation of athletes, as well as the technical framework of a physical or sporting activity, performed:
(a) as a profession and thereby you receive remuneration;
(b) seasonally or occasionally, regardless of whether they receive remuneration. ”