Bodyboard Wise Intermediate Bodyboarder


Once you have completed your beginners level, you are now ready to start learning some manoeuvres.  


Demonstrate ability to control the bodyboard and link intermediate level bodyboarding manoeuvres, in the top half of the wave, below the lip.

Locations and Conditions 

Beach break with sand bottom
Surf up to 3 ft  (1 metre)
Free from hazards


Have the skills and knowledge at the beginner bodyboarder level
Swim 50 metres, without stopping
Tread water for 5 minutes


Bodyboard, fins (flippers), arm leash

Topics/ Outcomes 

Bodyboarding Environment:

  • Assess surf conditions-weather, swell, tides, wind direction, speed
  • Identify how to read waves by understanding different water conditions, wave types,  and their suitability for bodyboarding left and right waves, wave frequency
  • Identify 5 different types of surf breaks


  • Identify how parts of your board affect performance
  • Identify how fins affect peformance
  • Identify bodyboard damage
  • Choose a bodyboard for the intermediate bodyboarder based on personal style and the surf conditions
  • Identify bodyboarding safety and assistance clothing

Bodyboarding Skills: 

  • Select a bodyboarding location for the intermediate bodyboarder
  • Choose a suitable place for entering and exiting the water at different surf breaks
  • Identify and use the different types of rips 
  • Negotiate broken and unbroken waves 
  • Identify correct paddling out protocol
  • Choose the correct waves to ride
  • Identify the correct take off position
  • Correctly ride the wave by understanding how body weight and speed affect bodyboarding
  • Identify how to turn your board
  • Identify methods to get off the wave
  • How to wipe out safely at the intermediate level

Bodyboarding Manoeuvres:

  • Turns (right-hand, left-hand turn)
  • Bottom turn
  • Top turn
  • Cut-back
  • Spin (forward, reverse spins)
  • Roll


ASI Learn to Bodyboard Intermediate level student workbook or logbook

Certificate Issued

ASI Intermediate Level Bodyboarder Participation Certificate


20 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session) + practice

40-80 hours in total  (depending on personal sports abilty and previous ocean experience).

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