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Learn how to stand up paddle and have SUP lessons at Irishsup, an ASI accredited learn to stand up paddle school, located at Dublin, Ireland and providing lessons at Dun Laoghaire Harbour, Scotsman’s Bay, and Dollymount Beach and SUPfaris to other locations. 

Operating since 2010, IrishSUP have gained a reputation for providing the best in SUP education. Our knowledge and professionalism within the community in Ireland is well known and respected.    Owner, Paul Byrne, is highly experienced, an elite paddler, competitor in race and SUP surfing, competition organiser and trains others to be ASI SUP Instructors. 

No matter what your skill level, we can help you from a novice to developing your skills in a variety of areas, as well as simply enjoying the supping experience.

Irishsup is owned and operated by Paul Byrne.  Paul started supping in 2007, in the early days of SUP popularity.   He has been instructing from a very young age in surfing, swimming and with PADI scuba diving and is a qualified Physical Education teacher. 

Paul was amongst the first to have stand up boards in Ireland, and people’s interest in them was huge.  One thing led to another and before he knew it, he owned a couple of boards and was bringing people out on the water and teaching them the basics, here began IRISHSUP! 

Paul is a highly qualified sports educationalist.  He is an ASI Level 3 SUP  Instructor (Beginner Surf) and accredited to instruct in enclosed flat water, exposed waters and beginner surf locations. He also holds SUP Instructor water safety rescue and first aid qualifications.  Other qualifications include Diploma in Education, Amateur Swimming Association Level 2 Swimming Coach, Athletics Ireland Coach,  I.R.F.U Stage 1 & 2 L.T.P.D Coach, F.A.I Soccer Coach (Kick start 1&2, Youth Certificate.), Qualified Pool and Beach Lifeguard, Level 2 Surf Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

He is assisted in the SUP school by experienced and accredited SUP instructors, holding rescue and first aid qualifications.

Irishsup provides a wide range of lesson types and tours. SUP is FUN for the whole family. We offer all levels of instruction, from younger kids to old timers, beginner lessons to advanced, and ladies only too!  Lessons can vary from one hour to one day, or a whole weekend if you wish.

We also have kids summer camps for 8 to 16 year olds.  

SUParis are conducted throughout the year and they are the ideal way to explore our coast line and inland waterways.   We also organise SUParis to other locations in Ireland and Europe and worldwide. 

IrishSUP is also an ASI Instructor Training Centre (ITC) and Paul Byrne is authorised to train others to be ASI accredited stand up paddle instructors

SUP lessons are held at a variety of locations.    Dun Laoghaire Harbour is a suburban seaside town.

Lessons are also held south of the harbour at Scotsman's Bay, where there was a Victorian seaside amusement area, with walks, shelters and baths.   

On our SUParis we will take you in and around the incredible Irish coastline and along our serene inland waterways. Here you’ll get to see the marine life underneath you, cruise alongside the seals basking on the rocks, or the swans patrolling their patch, and really get a completely unique experience in this incredible part of the world.