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6 Terms and Conditions

The Accredited School agrees to abide by ASI policy and procedures, including holding the licences and insurance.

Accreditation start date is the date of this application and is valid for 12 months.

Australia Accreditation expires on 30 November each year. Should the expiry date be less than 12 months, from the application date, a pro-rata credit will be applied to the following years accreditation fee.

Accreditation status is awarded on successful completion of the accreditation process and audit. At which time, an ASI Accredited School certificate is issued

(Applies to schools holding ASI insurance in Australia ). ASI schools must hold current ASI accredited school status and abide by ASI policy and procedures at all time. Failure to do so will automatically cancel the insurance

Should an audit not be successful, the Accredited School will be asked to provide sufficient information for a second review. Should the second review not be successful, the Accredited School will be declined accreditation status. The School may lodge an appeal in accordance with ASI complaints policy and procedure

ASI may cancel the accreditation status of the Accredited School for not abiding by the ASI policies and procedures and code of including holding the accreditations, licences and insurances. The Accredited School may terminate its accreditation status in writing to ASI

Accredited School acknowledges that the ASI accreditation policy and procedures manual, forms, and processes are the copyright of ASI and cannot be used, reproduced or transmitted for any purpose other than for use in the Accredited School whilst holding ASI Accredited School status. Should the Accredited School cease to hold the ASI accreditation status, all ASI accreditation policy and procedures manuals, forms and processes are to be returned to ASI head office. Continued use, reproduction or transmitting, of ASI copyright materials constitutes a breach of the Copyright

When accredited school status has been obtained, the accredited school agrees to display the ASI accredited school logo on website and marketing materials

Full payment is at the time of application. No refund is issued once application has been processed by ASI. Insurance: No refund is issued once insurance has been placed