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Posted date: 11-January-2021

UK:  We are extremely proud to announce that this year the ASI are supporting the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in the UK, in their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release seal pups. 

This is going to be an ASI community-wide effort and you can get on board by helping us collect stories, raise money and awareness and play a big part in helping the sanctuary to save more pups at a critical time.

Unfortunately, life for seal pups can be tough. Malnourishment and separation from their mums can leave many pups with little or no chance of survival. This is where the Cornish Seal Sanctuary come in.

A UK registered charity based in Gweek in Cornwall, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and releases up to 70 pups every year. Sadly, the effects of COVID on the sanctuary’s core sources of financial support has left them struggling to support the seal pups that need their help. 

Rosie who works in the ASI UK office in Hayle, only lives 10 minutes from the Seal Sanctuary! We’ll keep you updated on our campaign to support the sanctuary over the coming weeks and months. Look out for our interview with the sanctuary to learn more about the vital work that they do (and what paddlers and surfers should do if they meet a seal in the wild) along with lots of updates on our seal pup sponsorship journey.

If you’ve had a chance encounter with a seal pup or colony whilst out on your board, we’d love to hear all about it!  Send us your stories and we’ll feature you on our blog and our social media channels and send you a fantastic (and eco-friendly) Cornish Seal Sanctuary water bottle sponsored by ASI, and designed by the amazing team at From Land And Sea!

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