ASI offers different learning formats.  

Workshop:  Face to face delivery with Trainer and other participants.   Complete most of the course requirements at workshops, maybe visit a new town or country to do your training.  
Flexible Trainer:  Blended course.  Complete theory online and then organise a time to complete practical session, video and feedback with your trainer.  
Flexible Learning:  Online e-learning course.  Complete theory in your own time, upload video assessments. 
Transfer / Update:  If you hold a non ASI SUP instructor certificate or your ASI qualification has expired. Online e-learning course. 
Apprenticeship:  Surfing only. Work under the direction of an ASI Trainer.  On line e-learning course with ASI Trainer overseeing completion of practical and work experience.

Combined Courses:  SUP only. One step enrolment, with combined course discount.
ASI's E-learning Platform: access training manuals, videos, reference materials and assessments.  All information is submitted online, allowing you to keep track of what you have submitted and gain individualised trainer feedback. 
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