(Workshop) SUP Tour Guide (Enclosed Flat Water)

Training Venue

Haarlem, The Netherlands



Times and Dates

9:00 am - 17:00 pm

05-October-2023 - 06-October-2023

Closing: 08-September-2023


Training manuals
ASI T-shirt
12 months ASI membership​

Bring to Workshop

SUP board-leash-paddle
SUP clothing
SUP touring equipment
Food and refreshments



Refund Policy

Workshops.  Full refund less €60 administration fee provided on minimum notice of 21 days prior to workshop date. Online courses, no refund paid once application has been processed.  More info

Course Fee

Usual Rate: EuroEuro € 445

Watersport Centrum Dynamique at the Mooie Nel.
De Laars 14, 2064JZ Spaarndam, The Netherlands.

Free parking on site.  

The ASI SUP Tour Guide course will take place on the canals around Haarlem. 

This course will give you the opportunity to get on the water and experience what a true SUP adventure is.  It includes an extended paddle with an overnight stay. 

The first day will be practical covering both theory and paddling on the canal to your overnight location. The next day will be a return to the training venue to put together everything you have learned and give you the opportunity to apply this to your very own guided SUP tour. 


Day 1 - Thursday 5 October 2023
9am to 4pm: on water paddling to accommodation 
6pm: group meet up and dinner 

Day 2  - Friday 6 October 2023
8am to 9am: breakfast at accommodation 
9am to 5pm:  on water and classroom 

Overnight accommodation is included in the course fee.  
For this course, you will be staying in B&B or hotel accommodation, with your own private room.

Breakfast is included on day two. 
Lunch and dinner costs are your responsibility.
Lunch various options  eg purchase from cafe/restaurants or bring yourself.
Dinner will be organised at / near the accommodation.

Some personal effects will be carried on your board.
And some will be transported by support vehicle.  

Free Movement are providing local support for the ASI training, providing a wealth of local area knowledge.   

Read the course information and requirements before enrolling.   
Experienced paddler.   
Hold ASI Level 1 SUP Instructor certificate or equivalent.
See SUP/Courses. (or click on link at top of this page) 

Ricardo Haverschmidt  Biography


Closest Airport: 
Amsterdam Airport Schipol  (30 minutes drive to training venue)

Closest Bus Stop:  

Closest Train: 


Please bring the following to the training: 

  • SUP Touring board (suitable flat water board) 
  • Paddle
  • Leash 
  • SUP clothing suitable for longer distance paddling.
  • Hydration - camel back or water bottle
  • Energy food and water (whilst paddling) 
  • Personal protection e.g sunscreen 
  • Watch – ideally a GPS watch
  • Clothing and personal possessions for overnight stay. 

If you are travelling and don't have your board or SUP gear, you can rent it from:
Free Movement SUP School.
Ph:  +31 6438 59059      Email: info@freemovement.nl

Please contact the centre in advance to ensure availability.  

Haarlem is about 30 minutes from Amsterdam and is the capital of North Holland, a charming medieval town on the banks of the Spaarne River.   It is approx 20 minutes drive from Amsterdam (or 20 minutes by train).  

Haarlem has a rich history dating back to pre-medieval times, and this is reflected in the architecture and cobbled streets.

From the 1630s until present day, Haarlem has been a major trading centre for tulips.

Haarlem is fun for paddling because you can paddle through the canals and see the city or paddle to rural part of the city, with cows, sheep and other animals around you.

Haarlem offers excellent SUP paddling, the longest route is 20km , the shortest is about 6km. There’s also a 60km tour, leaving from Haarlem, to other cities and back to Haarlem, so there’s a lot of water and lots of paddling opportunities.