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The ASI SUP Yoga Teacher training course sets the international standard for SUP Yoga. 

This course is available as a physical workshop or an online flexible learning course. Find more details below and select the best course option for you.


Deliver basic SUP yoga sessions at flat water locations, no more than 50 metres from shore.


Qualified to teach at SUP yoga locations, defined as:

  • inland waters or coastal locations with flat water, no swell or breaking waves, minimal or no wind
  • water depth no more than 4ft 
  • no more than 50 metres from shore
  • paddling less than 50 metres to get to the SUP yoga activity area

Note:  This SUP Yoga Teacher qualification does not cover lessons or paddling more than 50 metres.  Enrol in ASI Level 1 SUP Instructor (Enclosed Flat Water) course, if plan to deliver SUP lessons or SUP paddling tours.  OR you plan to paddle more than 50 metres to your SUP yoga activity area.

Career Outcomes:

    • Stand Up Paddle Yoga Teacher.
    • Industry job roles that require SUP Yoga knowledge (e.g. marketing, sales, retail).

Topics Covered:

    • SUP yoga safety, risk management covering weather, water, equipment and client risks and hazards
    • SUP yoga equipment  - boards, anchoring systems, accessories
    • Laws and regulations
    • Yoga poses modified for SUP and onboard sessions
    • A library of SUP yoga poses from beginner to advanced levels
    • Providing feedback and SUP yoga technique correction
    • Yoga session plans and sequences, set up, and ready to use in your own classes.
    • Gaining and maintaining clients – SUP yoga marketing and business skills

Entry Requirements:

Before starting this course:

  • hold a Yoga Teacher Certificate (minimum 200 hours).
  • have participated or been a student in a minimum of 10 hours of SUP yoga sessions.
  • a minimum of 20 hours on water SUP paddling experience.
  • able to paddle with confidence, correct technique, knowledge and safety  ASI L1 SUP Wise level 
  • English speaking skills  

Delivery Options:

Workshop: An intensive course that focuses on the major components, with the ability to interact with the trainer and the group. 
Duration:  2 days.

Online: Study in your own time with ASI's e-learning platform.   Upload video to demonstrate SUP yoga poses and delivery skills.

ASI's E-learning Platform
ASI's e-learning platform provides access to training manuals, videos, reference materials and assessments.  Access is available for all the above delivery options. 

Course Requirements:

  • Submit your Yoga Teacher Certificate (minimum 200 hours) - at enrolment.
  • Complete theory assessments and online multi-choice test.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform seated and standing SUP Yoga poses with safety.  
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare the class - enter the water, anchoring, organise group ready to start the session.
  • Demonstrate delivering SUP Yoga sessions with safety.
  • Complete 10 hours assisting in delivering SUP Yoga sessions at an ASI or approved SUP school.


Note:  above can be provided within 12 months of enrolment. 

Time to Complete 
You have 12 months to complete all course requirements.  

What we provide:

Training manuals
12 months ASI membership



The following equipment and clothing is required to complete the training:

  • SUP Yoga or flat water stand up paddle board, paddle, coiled leash
  • SUP clothing suitable for SUP Yoga

In addition, for the Online learning option:   

  • Computer or mobile phone to access ASI e-learning platform  
  • Video camera or mobile phone to take video of practical skills and submit online 
  • 2 x persons to be your clients 
  • Anchoring system

Certificate issued:

ASI Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Yoga Teacher certificate
Valid for 12 months

Additional certificate issued:



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