Course Information


Be Ready to Race with this 1 day workshop for recreational paddlers.  

Ideal for people new to flat water SUP racing or who have been racing and would like to improve personal performance.

Gain hands on water experience learning about and practicing stroke efficiency, buoy turns, drafting, race starts, test your ability in the fun mock race and more.  


Understand the skills and knowledge to paddle effectively and successfully in recreational flat water SUP races.


Inland waterways and flat bodies of water.

Career Outcomes:

    Fun, recreational flat water SUP race paddling.

Topics Covered:

    • Stroke rates and efficiency
    • Drafting and other techniques to apply in the race
    • Buoy turns 
    • Shore and deep water starts
    • Race drills and skills
    • Basic nutrition, hydration and injury prevention
    • Planning and being prepared for race day

Entry Requirements:

Experienced paddler and able to paddle with correct stroke technique at a minimum of 40 strokes/minute

Delivery Options:

Face to face workshop 

Course Requirements:

This is a participation course only. 
There is no assessment. 
Attend workshop, participate in on water practical paddling sessions. 

What we provide:

ASI Ready to Race Manual


SUP clothing
SUP board  (12ft 6' race board or flat water board)
Paddle and leash

Certificate issued:

ASI Ready 2 Race Participation Certificate

Additional certificate issued:



No renewal requirements