(Flexible Trainer) SUP Yoga Teacher-Enrol Anytime

Training Venue

United Kingdom



Times and Dates

0:00 am - 0:00 am

01-January-2021 - 31-December-2021

Closing: 31-December-2020


Online access
Online Training Manuals
Skills Video
12 months ASI membership

Bring to Workshop

Not applicable.   This is a flexible on-line learning course. 
Bring SUP board/gear for practical session. 



Refund Policy

No refund is provided once training manuals have been posted or e-learning account has been accessed or practical sessions have been conducted.

Course Fee

Usual Rate: GBPGBP £ 250

Work from home. 
Complete practical asessments, with feedback, with an ASI Trainer.
Complete practical hours experience at an ASI Accredited SUP Yoga School or other approved SUP yoga school. 

This is an online course, with practical assessments completed with a trainer.   They will provide some guidance on the practical SUP yoga and deliver skills. 

Work at your own pace.
Organise practical on-the-job instruction experience to suit your schedule.   
Submit assessments online.



Complete practical asessments, with feedback, with an ASI Trainer. 



The following equipment and clothing is required to complete the training:

  • SUP Yoga or flat water stand up paddle board
  • Paddle
  • Coiled leash (leg-rope)
  • Anchoring system 
  • SUP clothing suitable for SUP Yoga
  • Access to ASI SUP yoga school or approved school to complete your practical hours experience
  • Computer to access ASI e-learning platform  
  • Video camera / phone to take video
  • Organise to complete practical session, with an ASI Trainer.