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ASI is the world's leading stand up paddle accreditation and training organisation.

We provide services to stand up paddle schools, instructors and the general public.

Whether you want to learn to stand up paddle for fun or work in the industry, ASI can help you get there.


ASI SUP Wise is a learn to stand up paddle program specially developed to make learning easy.  ASI courses recognise the different types of stand up paddle locations 

With pathways from entry level to advanced and specialisations, you can progress at your own pace, in the location type that suits you best.

Enrol into ASI SUP Wise at ASI accredited surf schools.

     Foundations courses:

  • Level 1 - Enclosed Flat Water
  • Level 2 - Exposed Waters

      Flat Water specialisation:

  • Level 3 – Downwind & Distance Paddling
  • Level 4 - Advanced Racing

      Surfing specialisation:

  • Level 3 - Beginner Surf
  • Level 4 - Intermediate Surf
  • Level 5 - Advanced Surf

ASI Stand Up Paddle Instructor Courses

The only stand up paddle instructor courses that have been specially developed for the requirements of today's stand up paddle instructors.  Develop your career and be recognised for your expertise.

  • Level 1 SUP Instructor - Enclosed Flat Water
  • Level 2 SUP Instructor - Exposed Waters
  • Level 3 SUP Instructor – Downwind & Distance Paddling
  • Level 4 Master SUP Coach - SUP Advanced Racing

      Surfing Specialisation:

  • Level 3 SUP Instructor (Beginner Surf)
  • Level 4 SUP Instructor (Intermediate-Advanced Surf)
  • Level 5 Master SUP Coach  (SUP Surfing)

ASI Accredited Stand Up Paddle Schools

ASI Accredited stand up paddle schools are the best stand up paddle schools in the world.

  • are authorised to deliver ASI stand up paddle courses.
  • have demonstrated high quality training, operations and safety
  • display the ASI accredited stand up paddle school logo

Have lessons at ASI accredited stand up paddle schools, and you know you are in good hands.


Apply to become an ASI accredited stand up paddle school and be part of the ASI worldwide network of quality surf schools. A range of member benefits, is also available, including employer procedure manuals and risk management plans, forms, lesson workshops and courses - all written for you