Surfing Clubs

Surfing clubs are formed for groups of people who get together regularly to go surfing and hold competition surfing events.

They may also be called Boardrider Clubs in some countries. 

There are surfing clubs for different board types:

  • Shortboard
  • Longboard / Malibu
  • Traditional 

Each of the above have their own unique surfing style and competition rules and regulations. 

Surfing clubs are a great way to make new friends, keep your skills up to date and gain surfing competition experience in a friendly atmosphere. 

Clubs have a committee who are voluntary members, and help organise the events each month.   

Clubs also have surfing judges who judge the events. 

You can gain valuable skills by becoming a committee member or a surfing judge.

Become an ASI affiliated club, and access member benefits including club manuals, support and insurance.