Learn to Surf Manuals

ASI has created and developed Learn to Surf Manuals for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. ASI is only worldwide publisher of such comprehensive resources at each surfing skill level.

ASI learn to surf manuals:

  • specially designed to make learning to surf easy.
  • prepare you with the correct knowledge and information before you hit the water.
  • have full colour photos, with easy to follow step by step instructions
  • easy to carry size, take anywhere, for ease of reference

Learn to Surf for Beginners manual

Do you want to be up and surfing in no time?  This manual is essential reading before you hit the waves.  It is the first manual in the ASI series of learn to surf manuals / DVD.

the ideal surf location for beginners * 6 easy ways to get through the waves* correct paddling technique * if you are a natural or goofy footer * 5 steps to standing up * riding and catching waves with ease * how to turn a surfboard  * surfing etiquette - dropping-in rule, snaking, ethics * 10 common mistakes beginners make * types of waves suitable for surfing * rips and how surfers get out of them * heat and cold surfing safety tips * identifying surfing hazards * choose the ideal beginner surfboard *  •how to wax a surfboard correctly * wetsuits and equipment accessories for the beginner

Full colour. 84 pages.
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Learn to Surf - Intermediate Level manual

Do you want to take the next step up and do some more exciting manoeuvres?   This is the second manual in the ASI Learn to Surf Series.
The 4 easy steps to duck-diving under waves * use the surf conditions and rips to get you past breaking waves * identify the best take-off point to easily catch waves * identify ideal surf conditions for the intermediate surfer * perform intermediate level manoeuvres - top turn, bottom turn, re-entry, cut-back * which manoeuvre to perform based on wave form * how to be on the inside section * link manoeuvres with skill and ease * predict ideal surf conditions based on swell direction, tides and coast shape * what a left and right wave is * read the tides and waves * the difference between a point break and a reef break * why feathering waves are good * what it means when a wave is walling up * how to abort take-off’s safely * using surf safety around other surfers/swimmers * identify how board types & styles can improve your surfing * choose a loose or tight board * choose a fiberglass surfboard for your body type, style and ability * surf clothing and accessories used at the intermediate level

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Learn to Surf - Advanced Level manual

Develop and improve your advanced level surfing skills and perform manoeuvres and turns, with speed and power.  This is the third manual in the ASI Learn to Surf Series.  
Tips on negotiating larger waves * how to finish your ride on closing out and closed out waves
how to conserve energy * how to position for the take off * different types of take-offs to help you catch waves * using gravity and g-forces to control your board * how to generate speed * techniques to generate power * step by step advanced level surfing manoeuvres: fade, stall, tail slide, round house cut-back, snap, floater, tube ride, pigdog, layback, aerial, 360 degree *  predict ideal surf conditions based on swell direction, tides and coast shape *  advanced level surfing hazards * how to choose a shaper * designing your own customised boards to enhance your performance * choosing your own board quiver for a range of surf conditions

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Full colour.  115 pages