Surfing Instructor Transfer-Update Course

Level 1 Surfing Instructor

Obtain your ASI Surfing Instructor qualification based based on recognition of your non ASI instructor qualification.

Ideal for students who:

  • Hold a non ASI surfing instructor qualification (no more than 12 months old)
  • Want to update an old ASI surfing instructor qualification
  • Have recent surfing instruction experience
  • Are an intermediate level surfer (perform top turn, bottom turn, light cutback & re-entry in 3ft surf) 

Complete course work:

  • Written assessments.
  • Provide video from 3 different locations or occasions demonstrating intermediate surfing skill - ability to ride minimum 3ft waves  to link manoeuvres and perform a bottom turn with spray, cut-back and re-entry.  The video to be close enough to identify you and your ability. 
  • List where you have completed 25 hours instruction in the previous 12 months.  Have the surf school owner sign to confirm you have completed the hours. 
  • Provide current copies of surf rescue and first aid certificates
  • Provide identification and headshot photo.

You can complete the course requirments within 1 to 2 weeks if you dedicate time to finish theory assessments. 
However, you have 12 months to complete all course requirements allowing you to work at your own pace. 

The process: 

  • Complete the online enrolment form and payment and submit your non ASI surfing instructor certificate.
  • We post your training manuals to you.
  • Complete written assessments in the Assessment and Competency Record Book.
  • Organise your practical hours statement to be signed a surf school owner (who is a qualified instructor).
  • Email or post your completed Assessment and Competency Record Book to ASI. 

Offered for:  Level 1 Surfing Instructor

Countries available:  Worldwide 

Additional course information and requirements:  
Please read prior to enrolling. course information and requirements

Training manuals
12 months ASI membership

ENROL - Australia instructors

Fee:  AUD$145
Includes postage, certification, training manuals and 12 months membership

ENROL - UK & Europe instructors

GBP £95
Plus postage in UK: GBP £10     (Postage to Europe: GBP £20)
Includes certification, training manuals and 12 months membership