Disabled Surfing

Worldwide Surfing Standards for Disabled Participants.

The Disabled Surfers Association Australia (DSAA) is the world authority in developing standards and delivering surfing experiences for disabled participants.

Established in 1986, in Australia, the DSAA has over 30 years of experience with the full spectrum of disabilities including respirated C2 Quadriplegics while surfing.

The aim is to create opportunities for everyone, including the disabled participants and able bodied volunteers, to experience our unique, safe and happy surfing events, whilst under complete supervision from DSAA trained Team Leaders and Beach Marshalls.

The DSAA has traditionally organised disability surfing days, free of charge to the disabled and supported by thousands of volunteer surfers.   

Specialist equipment and high safety standards including supervision of up to 30 surfing coaches to 1 fully disabled person such as a quadriplegic, can be required.   The commercial cost is prohibitive, but with the support of thousands of surfing volunteers, disabled participants can enjoy the stoke of surfing.  Their happy faces and pure enjoyment is what makes it all worthwhile .

The DSAA has guidelines and standards for commercial surf schools.   It allows commercial schools and instructors to provide surfing experiences for participants with “mild disabilities”.  These are defined as “Walkers” – be willing and able to follow directions, able to communication either vocally or by sign language.  

Activities for all other disabled participants are conducted, and/or referred to DSAA, who have the required specialised expertise.   This ensures the highest of safety for disabled participants.

DSAA operates around the world.    Contact them for information at your location.

DSAA website at:  www.disabledsurfers.org




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