ASI Surf Wise: Level 2 Beginner Surfer


Aim Understand surf safety, how to self rescue, beginner boards and equipment and a ride broken ride wave going straight to shore.
Prerequisite         Swim 200 metres, without stopping
Tread water for 5 minutes

Topics Covered / Outcomes

Surf safety

  • Understand the surf environment
  • Types of waves and their dangers
  • Be aware of beach information and warning signs
  • Identify surf hazards, including rips, and how to avoid them
  • Demonstrate skills in swimming, bodysurfing, floating and treading water
  • Methods to negotiate through the surf and come in from the surf, with or without craft
  • Implement self-rescue techniques

Surfing technique skills:

  • How to look after the surfing environment
  • Identify surfing hazards
  • Choosing a beginners surfboard
  • Waxing, caring, carrying and storing your board
  • Identify types of wetsuits and surf clothing, when to wear these
  • Identify suitable weather conditions for surfing
  • Choose a safe surfing location
  • Choose a safe place to enter the water
  • Negotiate small waves using a variety of techniques
  • Paddle the board in trim
  • Turn the surfboard in a sitting position
  • Wipe-out and dismount techniques
  • Identify the types of waves suitable for surfing

Surfing Manoeuvres:

  • Select, catch broken waves and ride waves, going straight to shore, with safety 
Resources ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners manual
ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners student workbook or logbook
ASI Beginner Surfer Level 2 Participation Certificate


3 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session)  + practice

6 to 20 hours (depending on personal sports abilty and previous ocean experience.

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