ASI Surf Wise: Beginner Surfer

The ASI Beginner Surfer level is the first step in learning to surf.   It covers surfing safety, self rescue skills and riding a small wave on an angle.

The course is split into 2 modules (Level 2 , Level 3) to assist in skills learning and progression.

Beginner Surfer - Knowledge and Skills

Aim Trim on broken or peeling waves up to 1½ feet (½ metre).
Career Outcomes
  • Assistant surfing instructor
  • Outdoor activities assistant.
  • Industry job roles that require surfing knowledge (e.g. sales rep, retail)
Location Description Sandy beach, with even gradient, free from rocks and rips/sweeps,white water or peeling waves up to 1½ feet (½ metre). wind less than 20 kph, water depth of chest deep or less.
Pre-requisites Swim 200 metres, without stopping.  Tread water for 5 minutes

Level 2
Beginner Surfer

Learning Outcomes


Surfing Safety:

  • Understand the surf environment
  • Types of waves and dangers
  • beach information & warning signs
  • Surf hazards including rips
  • Demonstrate skills in swimming, bodysurfing, floating and treading water
  • Methods to negotiate surf with or without craft
  • Self-rescue techniques

Surfing Technical Skills :

  • How to look after the surfing environment
  • Identify surfing hazards
  • Choosing a beginners surfboard
  • Waxing, caring, carrying and storing your board
  • Identify types of wetsuits and surf clothing
  • Identify suitable weather conditions for surfing
  • Choose a safe surfing location
  • Choose a safe place to enter the water
  • Negotiate small waves using a variety of techniques
  • Paddle the board in trim
  • Turn the surfboard in a sitting position
  • Wipe-out and dismount techniques
  • Identify the types of waves suitable for surfing
  • Select, catch and ride waves with safety

Level 3 Beginner Surfer
Learning Outcomes


  • Angle and trim (ride) across the wave
  • How to turn on a wave
  • Apply surfing etiquette - drop in rule, snaking, ethics
Duration 40-80 hours


Beginner Surfer - ASI Surf Wise Courses

Surfing Courses

Surf Wise-Starter:   Introduction session.  Experience the thrill of surfing   1-2 hours

Surf Wise - Level 2 Surfer:  The surf environment, hazards, equipment, negotiating waves, selecting, catching and riding broken waves straight into shore.  Gain your Beginner Surfer Level 2 Participation certificate.  3 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session)  + practice

Surf  Wise-Level 3 Surfer:   Ride a broken or green wave on an angle (trimming). Gain your Beginner Surfer Level 3 Participation certificate.  5 sessions (1- 2 hrs each session) + practice


  • All surfing gear – board, leash
  • SUP clothing – rashshirts, wetsuits (optional)
  • ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners manual
  • ASI Learn to Surf for Beginners student workbook or logbook
  • ASI Beginner Surfer Level 2 Participation Certificate or  ASI Beginner Surfer Level 3 Participation Certificate
Dates and Bookings Contact an ASI Accredited Learn to Surf School


AUSTRALIA - Nationally Recognised Training Course

The ASI Level 3 Beginner Surfer course is aligned to the below Nationally Recognised Units of Competency.  Students may choose to enrol in the Nationally Recognised Training Course, and will be required to demonstrate competency to be awarded:

Statement of Attainment in Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation (SIS20213).

   Units of competency:
   SISOSRF202A Demonstrate basic surfing manoeuvers in controlled conditions
   SISOOPS201A Minimise environmental impact
   SISOSRF201A Demonstrate surf survival and self rescue skills

Available in Australia only. ASI is an Australian Registered Training Organisation ID 91496 with authority to issue NRT certificates.


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