Surf Wise: Elite-Advanced Surfer

Elite-advanced surfers are the most experienced surfers with high surfing ability, in 6ft plus waves, and experienced surfing at different breaks around the world. 

Available at ASI Accredited Surf Schools

Participation Course

Perform a range of manoeuvres, in 6ft (2 metres) plus surf at surf breaks around the world.

Conditions Wave height above 6 ft (2 metres), unbroken waves, including choppy/rough conditions.

Level 10


Pre-requisite: ASI Level 9 Advanced Surfer

Source, read and interpret a variety of meteorological data.
Predict surf conditions at different surf breaks taking meteorological data - weather, tide, and land formation into consideration.
Select a surfing location for the elite-advanced surfer.
Demonstrate correct way to enter and exit waters
Describe surf safety issues for the elite-advanced surfer
Ride the wave correctly utilising all surfing manoeuvres as appropriate to the wave

Perform and link surfing manoeuvres

  • Late take-off
  • Backdoor take-off
  • Free fall
  • Stall
  • Top turn
  • Bottom turn
  • Cutback
  • Re-entry
  • Roundhouse cutback
  • Vertical re-entry
  • Snap
  • Floater
  • Tube ride
  • Backdoor tube
  • Pigdog
  • Layback
  • Experience surfing beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, river mouth break, bomborra
Qualification ASI Level 10 Elite-Advanced Surfer

ASI Learn to Surf Advanced Level manual

Duration Depending on personal sports abilty and previous ocean experience.  
Approx. 6 to 12 months.   750 to 1500 hours.  Surfing practice of 3 days per week.

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