ASI Surf Wise

Surf Wise is a learn to surf program created by ASI.   It is specially designed to make learning easy.   Its unique modularised program allows you to progress at your own pace to maximise your success.

Surf Wise identifies 4 levels of surfing ability and has 10 modules to help you learn and progress through each level.

It has learn to surf books, manuals  and student workbooks, suitable for individuals or school groups.  The Surf Wise program aligns to the Australian Education Department VET standards.

Surf Wise is delivered by ASI Accredited Surf schools.   Now learning to surf is easy !

Surf Wise Program - Surf Safety


Level 1 -Surf Safety & Awareness


Surf Wise Program - Beginner Surfer


Level 2 - Beginner Surfer


Level 3 - Beginner Surfer


Surf Wise Program - Intermediate Surfer


Level 4 - Intermediate Surfer


Level 5 - Intermediate Surfer


Level 6 - Intermediate Surfer


Surf Wise Program - Advanced Surfer


Level 7 - Advanced Surfer


Level 8 - Advanced Surfer


Level 9 - Advanced Surfer


Surf Wise Program - Elite-Advanced Surfer


Level 10 Elite-Advanced Surfer



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