Surf Wise: Advanced Surfer

ASI Advanced Level Surfers are able to perform a whole range of advanced level surfing manouevres, understand wave mechanics, speed and power, predict surfing conditions and customise their own boards.

Participation Course


This participation course assists students to gain information and skills at the advanced surfer level.   The course is split into 3 modules (Level 7, Level 8, Level 9) to assist in skills learning and progression.


Demonstrate ability to control the surfboard and link advanced level surfing manoeuvres in the critical part of the wave.

Career Outcomes

Assistant surfing instructor or outdoor activities assistant within the surfing industry or outdoor recreation industry.
Industry job roles that require surfing knowledge (e.g. sales rep, retail).

Conditions Peeling (unbroken) waves above 3 feet (1 metre) up to 6 feet (2 metres).
Short or long board.

Level 7


  • Predict surf conditions at different surf breaks taking - weather, tide, and land formations into consideration
  • Identify hazards at surfing at the advanced level
  • Select a surfing location for the advanced surfer
  • Negotiate advanced level waves
  • Identify different types of take-offs
  • Identify techniques to control the surfboard

  Surfing Manoeuvres

  • Fade
  • Stall
  • Roundhouse cut-back (forehand & backhand)
  • Snap (forehand & backhand)
  • Linking manoeuvres

Level 8

  • Customise surfboards to suit your style and prevailing surf conditions
  • Surfing Manoeuvres:
  • Vertical re-entry (forehand & backhand)
  •  Floater (forehand & backhand)
  • Linking manoeuvres
Level 9
  • Experience surfing at a beach break, reef break, point break, river mouth
  • Surfing Manoeuvres: Late take-off, Tube ride, Backdoor tube
  • Describe how to perform: Pigdog, Layback, 360 degree, Arial


ASI Learn to Surf Intermediate level 6


ASI Learn to Surf - Advanced Level manual
ASI Learn to Surf - Advanced Level Student workbook


Nationally Recognised Training Course

The ASI Level 9 Advanced Level Surfer course is aligned to the below Nationally Recognised Units of Competency.  Available in Australia.  Students may choose to enrol in the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Course, and will be required to demonstrate competency to be awarded:

Statement of Attainment in Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation (SIS40313).

   units of competency
   SISOSRF406A  Perform advanced level surfing manoeuvres

Available in Australia only. ASI is Registered Training Organisation ID 91496 with authority to
issue NRT certificates.


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