ASI L2 Foundations of Sports Coaching

This course is to further develop the basic skills and knowledge of the  ASI Level 1 Foundations of Sports Coaching course.  Topics covered include: sports psychology, ethics and professionalism, anti-doping practices, exercise physiology, sports biomechanics, nutrition, sports traumatology, sports methodologies for the Level 2 coach, sports for people with disabilities.

Course Information


Applicable to Europe and other worldwide locations.

Develop the basic knowledge and skills required by a Level 2 Sports Coach.

Career outcomes:

Assistant sports coach.
Industry job roles that require basic sports coach knowledge (e.g. sales, retail)

Topics covered:

  • Understand the concepts of setting objectives and goals in a sports context
  • Identify the various factors that impact on the performance and behaviour of an athlete.
  • Identify and understand emotions in a sporting environment
  • Identify factors that affect team cohesion and team dynamics
  • Identify the role of Level II coaches within a pedagogic framework in sport development
  • Understand the procedures and processes required for successful delivery of a sports training program.
  • Identify basic strategies for dealing with parents of children and youth
  • Describe and relate the concepts associated with the fundamentals of the sports training process.
  • Identifies and describe ways of assessing the effect of resistance training, strength training, speed training, flexibility training
  • Describe the fundamental basics of tactical planning and technical planning
  • Understand how to prepare the training plan at the micro level, meso and macro levels.
  • Describe the professional and ethical behaviour standards for a coach
  • Identify rights and obligations of coaches and athletes and preventative doping measures
  • Describe the influences of physiological adaption in sport
  • Understand bioenergetics effects in the body
  • Identify biomechanical principles and techniques in training programs.
  • Describe Newton Laws and interpretation of Euler in sports technology
  • Identify nutrition, hydration and supplements suitable for athletic performance.
  • Identify different types of sports injuries, symptoms and injury prevention techniques
  • Describe different disabilities and what sports are appropriate for the type of disability.

Entry requirements:


 Online course (via internet)


 Approximately 63 hours 

Course Structure:

 The ASI Level 2 Foundations of Sports Coaching course comprises 3 modules.

Module 1 - The Sports Environment  (23 hrs)
1.1    Sports Psychology
1.2    Sports Pedagogy
1.3    Ethics and professionalism
1.4    Anti-doping policies and practice

Module 2  - Sports physiology and Biomechanics  - (22 hrs)
2.1    Exercise physiology
2.2    Sports biomechanics
2.3    Nutrition, training and competition
2.4    Sports traumatology

Module 3  - Sports Coaching Methodologies  (18 hrs)
3.1 Theory and sport methodologies – Individuals and groups
3.2 Sports for people with disabilities

Course requirements:

  • Read the online training manual
  • Complete  the assessment at the end of each module (Multi-choice test)

You have 12 months from date of enrolment to complete the course

What we provide:

  • ASI Level 2 Foundations of Sports Coaching - Online Manual & Workbook
  • ASI TV Membership 12 months

Certificate Issued:

ASI Level 2 Foundations of Sports Coaching Certificate

Fees & Enrolment:

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