ASI L1 Foundations of Sports Coaching

This course introduces participants to the basic knowledge and skills required by a Sports Coach. Topics covered include: sports education, psychology, pedagogy, physiology and performance, sports coaching techniques, disabilities in sports and sports doping.

Course Information


Applicable to Europe and other worldwide locations.

Provide basic knowledge and skills required by a Sports Coach.

Career outcomes:

Assistant sports coach.
Industry job roles that require basic sports coach knowledge (e.g. sales, retail)

Topics covered:

  • Understand the teaching and learning processes of sports coaching
  • Identify rules, policy and procedures to conduct a sports training session.
  • Identify and describe the psychological and sociological aspects in sport activities
  • Identify and describe motivational factors in sport activities in general
  • Identify and describe the athlete to coach relationship
  • Understand the context and need for applied pedagogy in the coaching profession.
  • Identify the factors that affect parents influence in the sport lives of children and youth
  • Describe the impact of learning on human development
  • Identify the various stages of knowledge acquisition, retention and transfer.
  • Identify and describe assessment methodologies to correctly identify the skills and competency level of an athlete.
  • Identify and describe basic concepts about human anatomy and physiology related with the movement
  • Identify major sports injuries and first aid applications.
  • Identify how nutrition affects sports activity
  • Understand and relate to sports training as an integrated system.
  • Describe basic exercises needed to build strength in the athlete
  • Identify how to plan a training program appropriate to the characteristics of each athlete or group.
  • Identify the fundamentals of anti-doping programs
  • Understand how people with disabilities are involved in sport

Entry requirements:

Have English competence equivalent to IELTS 6


Approximately 43 hours

Course structure:

The ASI Level 1 Foundations of Sports Coaching course comprises 3 modules.

Module 1. The Sports Coaching Role.  (22 hours)
1.1    Sports Education
1.2    Sports Psychology
1.3    Pedagogy of Sport
1.4    Fight against doping in sport

Module 2. Physiology and Sports Performance  (14 hrs)
2.1    Learning and Motor Development
2.2    Evaluation and assessment of Sports skills and ability
2.3    Function of human body, nutrition and first aid

Module 3.  Sports Coaching Techniques    (7 hrs)
3.1 Theory and applied methodologies in sports coaching
3.2 Sport for people with disabilities

Course requirements:

  • Read the online training manual
  • Complete  the assessment at the end of each module (Multi-choice test)

You have 12 months from date of enrolment to complete the course

What we provide:

  • ASI Level 1 Foundations of Sports Coaching - Online Manual & Workbook
  • ASI TV Membership 12 months

Certificate Issued:

ASI Level 1 Foundations of Sports Coaching Certificate

Fees & Enrolment:

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